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ASV Hall of Fame stuff

I didn't forget about the best video category, I just don't like to put polls up on the weekend. The polling will commence tomorrow, so there's still time to get a nomination in.

I've had a couple of suggestions for the next category. I've narrowed it down to either:

  • Best debut album
  • Song that is most recoginzed by it's opening riff (not the same as best riff)
  • Best album of the 90's (and we could do other decades if that goes well)

Which one of those do you want for tomorrow?


A series of best albums of the decade for various decades would be good.

Opening riff. That will make for good competition. Spirit of the Radio vs. Smoke on the Water.

opening riff? Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love"

Best Debut album?

Hate to say it, but Alanis has to take that. Loved her then, hate her now.

Best opening riff? THAT woulld be a great contest! Smoke on the Water, Sunshine of Your Love, Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Wild Thang, Sweet Home Alabama, Can't You Hear Me Knockin', Start Me Up, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Rock Candy.... Shit, where do I stop?

Do you people even read my posts?

Looking to see which category to do tomorrow. Not looking for nominees yet.

Best Debut Album


And Bitch, and Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo, and Magic Carpet Ride, and Down With the Sickness (if drums count) and Layla, and Superstition, and Life in the Fast Lane, and Sweet Child o' Mine, and Funk 49, and Mississippi Queen, and Train Kept a Rollin' and Hey Joe, and Little Wing, and bawitdaba, and jususchristthisisimpossiblerightnow, but Rock Candy would get my nomination if the category were selected and I could nominate at this moment.

Yeah, I read your posts. Just thinkin out loud in case you choose one.

'cause ya see, my input toward categories would depend on how fun it would be to nominate. So I ramble through my head in advance to see which game i would have more fun playing. Sorry to put you through all that.

I guess my bottom line is, I vote for Best Opening Riff. Second would be Best Debut Album. Diiiiiistant third would be best 90's Album. Sorry, no independant suggestions from me-too much wine coursing my veins at the moment.

Ummmm....that was an example of how fun the category could be, not a nomination. I wouldn't nominate Smoke on the water for Worse Song of All Time. I don't think it's quite good enough.

Sorry I messed up your fave guitar solo poll. I guess I got too excited and got into a spam mode. I sincerely apologize.

So, like, we're agreed...
Best Debut Album.

Led Zepplin

Really good Album! Very interestin. I like it.