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sunday catblogging


Kitty staring out the window at me. Those holes in the screen? Yep, she did that.

She's an awesome cat. A little freaky, a little on the psychotic side but, hey, she's a cat.


My kitten is ALOT on the psychotic side....Hopefully she will calm down a bit once she has been fixed. At least that is what I have been told repeatedly by friends of mine who say they have gone through the same experiences that I am.

(still waiting for catcam.asmallvictory.net to work)

Never. Cat spends too much time sitting on people and we won;t be having any of my people on cam.

Yeah, like the Talking Heads tune...

Psycho kitty, que es que se [...]

Psycho Kitty, run run run awaaaaay

The Mows.

And from the way our cats look at us, I'm guessing they think we're weird too.

Wind Rider. I'm so stealing that and not giving you credit.