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One Word Movie Review: Batman Begins



yup..."Batman Begins" was excellent, can't wait to buy the DVD (bought "Land of the Dead instead).

I LOVE the Ra's Al Ghul storyline.

Can't wait to see who they cast as Ra's daughter if they continue down this road.

I could not agree more. LOVED that movie. And Christian Bale -- YUMMY.

And the special edition DVD is just about the coolest thing $20 can buy. From the packaging, to the comic book, to the bonus features on the disc.

Rather cool innit? I saw the DVD two days ago and was rather impressed. Best thing since the first Batman movie.

Just picked it up tonight with my Best Buy gift card I got for my birthday!

Now if I only could get both of my girls to sleep long enough to let me watch it....

Granted I did get to watch Sin City last night.

Old news. You not seeing that movie in the theater made Baby Jesus cry.

I thought the second half was terrific, but the first half really dragged. Basically, Batman Begins doesn't begin to entertain until, uh, Batman begins.