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random camera phone picture: rush fans only




I've seen Florida plates CYGNUS X1, which is either an astronomy buff or a Rush fan. Oddly, the first time I saw 'em was on my way to a Foo Fighters show where Dave played an abbreviated cover of that exact Rush song. I think I was the only one there that knew what it was.

Makes you wonder if Geddy tools around in a Chevy trying to be all low key and shit.

Hey, that ain't a Red Barchetta!

Looks like he is fairly close to the Krispy Kreme Store. Perhaps he got the munchies

Nice. Did you think about following the car? Or were you heading to the Krispy Kreme store?

i dunno why, but instead of Rush songs popping into my head, i thought of... "take off... to the great white north! take off... it's a beauty way to go! take off!"

cooooo loo coo coo coo coo COO COOOOO...

Chevy Malibu.
Nice car, but a fatal flaw; The stop lights have a tenency to get filled up with water and quit. I mention it, because you fouond the rare one that still works.

oooooooof SALESmen

Beauty, eh?


Hide me! I don't have the money I promised Geddy! /MasterShake

Schweet! It could be the man himself—I can imagine a Canadian rock star driving around in a sensible sedan.

You know you're a true Rush fan if you've ever considered buying one of these, even though that model isn't sold in the U.S., and even though it's a Fiat.

Re: Foo Fighters and Rush. For incontrovertible proof that Grohl is a Rush fan, listen to the Foo Fighters' song "Generator", about 40 seconds in, just after he sings, "...all I ever do". There's about 2 seconds of pure Alex Lifeson guitar, straight out of "Red Barchetta".


/finger horns