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Update/Denial on the Van Halen thing

Van Halen will not be taking INXS' lead by participating in a possible second season of the reality television series "Rock Star," according to the band's spokesperson. MTV News erroneously reported Wednesday that a source close to the program claimed that if "Rock Star" does return for a second season, that the core Van Halen trio — Michael Anthony and brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen — would be the band auditioning potential singers. The band flatly denies any involvement in the show.

More here.

Everything I said about Eddie this morning still stands, minus the stuff about reality tv. At least I finally got the burden of carrying all that EVH strife around with me for so many years.


I agreed with everything you wrote below, and I still agree with it now.

It just makes me think of one name: Dave Grohl. He had a great idea of just moving on, starting over rather than trying to stick together with Novoselic and milking the Nirvana name. And guess what? Everything worked out for the best there.

Oh well. I can't ever really bring myself to hate EVH, he's just too good. But every time I look at him and that band, I find myself remembering their lost opportunities more than their giant achievments.

Very well put argument and applicable to a lot of stars, especially those willing to do reality TV. But fame, apparently, either attracts and/rewards crazy people, or has a great propensity for making people just plain nutty. Who's the most famous person in the world? Micheal Jackson. I rest my case.

But suppose VH does the reality TV show anyway & first there are bunch of losers but then this guy with a paper bag over his head auditions and he ROCKS HARDCORE and then Eddie says "your awesome man, you are so in" and then the guy takes the paper bag off and it's David Lee Roth and they cry and hug and then punch each other a little bit so they don't look too much like fags and then they all sing "Hot for the Teacher". Wouldn't that be SO cool !

If the story is bunk (and it is) why does the stuff about EVH and the band being a "joke" still stand? Who is laughing at VH? From what I can tell, there are two types of VH fans out there: the VH fans who are either pissed off or saddened that EVH can't stay sober enough to keep a band going and DLR fans who think that anyone who doesn't think that Roth is God is an idiot. Maybe the latter would find VH laughable if anything other than DLR were leading, but that would be akin to the Cowboys firing Drew Bledsoe and bringing back Staubach, completely unaware that his heyday is gone he really can't sing (much less write) any more.