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ASV HoF: Winner

In a surprise to no one, the best C band is:

Full results here.

I'll put the cover song poll up later. Busy now. Just didn't want to fall behind on this, because I'd get all confuzzled. We're still doing cover songs, right? Ok. Just checking. Gonna need a new category for later on tonight, too.


I'd like somebody to explain in a rational way, how The Clash is a better band than Cream.

I love The Clash, but the mind boggles over that one. It really does.

New Category Suggestion: Best Cover of a Robert Johnson Song

I'm with ya jay. What boggles the mind even more is that Eric Clapton (which subsumes Cream) and Cream, combined, did not receive as many votes as the Clash.

Possible Categories:

  • Best "Guilty Pleasure" Band -
  • Best Road Trip Band
  • Best 'Stuck in Traffic' Band
  • Best Band To Listen To While Drunk
  • Best Band To Listen To While Hung Over
  • Best Overall Musicianship/Talent
  • Best Band Live


Obviously, Jethro Tull would sweep those awards, but there might be room for discussion. :)

How about 'best coustic version of a rock song' for a category?

that was supposed to be acoustic. doh

Best non-solo instrumental section of a rock song?

Best song about Sex?

How about best "Flash-in-the-pan" band-

quick and dirty- a band who was together for no more than 10 or so years, but in that time put together some of the best music... obvious would be Gn'R or RATM- burning so bright that it was only a matter of a few years before they burnt out...

Best stripper song
(with video testimonials, please)

Category suggestions:

1. Best non-native-English-speaking band or artist

2. Best use of an orchestra in a rock song or album

3. The most gratuitous use of the word "fuck" in a serious screenpl... er, lyric. ("It's very prestigious.")