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Musical Chairs Wednesday: I love Richard Cheese!

Today is Wednesday, which means Musical Chairs day and today's mission is to write about a song that is currently getting a lot of play in your music player of choice.

My chosen tune works on several levels here; it's a cover song, and cover songs just happens to be the new hall of fame category, and it reminds me very much of Halloween, which just happens to be around the corner.

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine - Down With the Sickness. (I think I uploaded the version from Conan O'Brien rather than the CD version - don't have time to switch it out, but it's just as good)

The song was originally recorded by Disturbed, a band that I happen to like, much to the chagrin of some of my music purist friends. I really dig the guy's voice. But what I dig more is Richard Cheese's lounge singer affectation giving "Sickness" a whole new vibe, a surreal, twisted tone.

Heavy metal in its true form is hard to sing when you're a middle aged white woman with a singing voice reminiscent of a dying seal. But when you take a hard, mean, angry, obscenity filled song about hating your mother and give it a cheesy, breezy, night club feel, everyone wins. Even I can sing along. And I do, often taking the typical lounge singer stance and using whatever is handy (pencil, shampoo bottle, cell phone) as a faux microphone. There's something so delicious about singing Here it comes, get ready to die in Liberace mode.

Some of you may recognize this from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. In my opinion, the scene in which this song appears is the greatest juxtaposition of music and film ever recorded. It's a perfect, and using this cover version rather than the original was an absolute stroke of genius.

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine cover all kinds of rock (Radiohead, Weezer, System of a Down, RATM, etc.) /popular classics (Hot in Here, Baby Got Back and more). You can check out more Richard Cheese at his ugly ass website here, download some samples of his covers here and buy his records here.


Re: Richard Cheese: A few months ago I was over at my brother-in-law's house playing with my 8-month old niece, and I started singing "Nookie/Break Stuff Medley" to her. I got about a minute into the song before he realized what I was singing.

What I've played most often this week has been Jonathan Coulton's alt-country version of "Baby Got Back," a song also covered by Mr. Cheese.

(You should still be able to get it here.)

My personal favorite is his cover of "Holiday in Cambodia".

Yay for Richard Cheese!

Cheese's "Holiday" is my favorite Christmas songs.

I like his cover of 'Rape Me' from Nirvana. Great stuff.

I think my first exposure to the Cheese was when our friend Babs played "Fight For Your Right" on the all-cover song edition of the Friday Night Poker Party, so it'll always have a special place in my heart. It's real hard to pick a favorite, though.

You too, huh? I started singing 'Down with the Sickness' Cheese-style to my 4-month old after watching the DoD remake. I can't wait until he's old enough to appreciate my zombie movie collection.