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synchronizing armageddon

I went to sleep early last night and dreamed about the end of the world. It was the usual apocalyptic dream; fire, screaming, death, destruction, me trying to find my kids. I woke myself up when it got to be too much, watched an episode of Futurama and went back to sleep.

At 11:00, my husband came to bed (I did not tell him about my dream. I was half asleep). Around midnight, he started talking in his sleep (a common thing) which woke me up. He said: "So this is how we are all going to die?" He sounded more bemused than frightened. "Seriously, this is how it ends? Wow. Oh well, what are you gonna do?" And he let out a resigned chuckle.

Weird. Anyone else have armageddon dreams last night?

Maybe I don't want to know.


Must be the full moon. My grandson called last night because he'd suddenly burst into tears, told his mom I was in the hospital & that I was going to die and he had to call me. Took me a while to convince him that wasn't true.

Kinda freaked me out.

Nope, I had dreams of snakes last night. I also had this little vignette that Jeff Goldstein and I were getting our MBA's together. Strange.

Not here. And if I had a dream about Jeff Goldstein, I highly doubt it would be about getting an MBA...

No armageddon, but the night before I dreamt that I was being slowly tortured. I can tell you that I didn't have your husband's 'well, what can ya do' attitude after that one.


I dreamed that I was being baptized (in the Baptist way, getting dunked underwater), and whoever was doing it wouldn't let me up. Fighting it woke me up, and the clock was exactly on midnight.

PS - Happy Saint Schilling's Day. I'm surprised your nightmare didn't involve choking, considering what happened a year ago this week.

I was playing Australian Rules Football - you've seen the uniforms right? That's about as apocafuckinglyptic as it gets right there...

No crazy armageddon dreams, but I did see Danzig play a Misfits 'reunion' with Doyle last night [effing AWESOME] so maybe I got all the mayhem out of my system before I went to bed.

Now if only my ears would stop ringing.

*I know, kinda off topic but I know you're a big Misfits fan so I thought you would'nt mind

That's awesome, mrbandw. I have a friend who went to the NY show and said it blew him away. Glad to see Doyle and Danzig hanging together.

Goldstein is the only blogger who has appeared in my dreams, that I can remember. We were also friends getting an advanced degree in the same classes. That is really freaky, man!

I was fidgety and insomniac last night. I slept maybe an hour or two, but all I remember is waking up...Usually when I'm anxious I dream of a murdered body in my crawlspace. SOmetimes I'm the killer and sometimes I'm the victim. Sometimes it's just an inconvenient discovery getting in the way of my new kitchen.

I haven't had too many portentious dreams, although I did have a 9/11-ish dream in 1994, though - skyscraper collision, fire, people running from dust clouds, etc. , and a few years later dreamed my Dad was found dead the night before he was found dead.