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Hall of Fame: Cake or Death

Ok, no death. Just felt like saying that.

Cake takes the trophy home, finishing ahead of Tool. See results here.

I'll put up the poll for "C" bands later.


You need a page that just shows all the trophies!

So under-rated I have never ever heard their music. Who the hell are Cake?

I'm with you, Andrew.
With that name, though, I sure hope that it's a chick band.

Cake's a... part-funk, part-swing, part-rock band. I'm not a fan but I will give them kudos for being unique.

And no, they're not chicks.

Ah that explains it. Still understand why either Kings X or Voivod were not on the list. Both bands are widely known by musos and not widely known by fans. Both are also hugely influential.

They weren't on the list because they didn't get as many nominations as the others listed. That's what the nomination process is for.

Always been a Voivod fan myself.

Ah, King's X, with a singer who describes himself as "a gay black atheist from Texas— I offend everybody!"

One hell of a voice, I must say.

Andrew, you may have heard some of their songs... they've had a few minor hits like (lyrics) "How can you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?" "He's going the distance— he's going for speed— she's all alone (all alone!) all alone in a time of need..." and "I want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnnnnnnnng jacket."

Anyway. I should have nominated Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Contrary to popular belief, they were NOT a swing band; they were a heavy rock band with the chops to create big-band songs, and they put out a compilation CD which became their sole nation-wide hit. The iTunes Music Store might have clips from some of their other work, like "Irish Whiskey" or "We'll Always Have Paris."

(You can only get their other CDs online or in Eugene, Oregon... where my husband grew up. Ah, the Daddies...)