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♪in the clutch♪

I got two emails today asking me about Clutch. They've come up a lot in the HoF voting, especially in the underrated band category and now in the C category. The closest I can come to describing Clutch is: Frank Zappa meets early Black Sabbath. Or, imagine a funkadelic sort of heavy metal with lyrics that warp your brain.

I've uploaded three songs for those who want a taste.

Shogun Named Marcus

Clutch site

Enjoy. I really want you to like this. If ranked by the strength of my passion, they would be second only to Faith No More on my favorites list.


Clutch is definitely among my favorite bands, maybe even number one.

Never heard of them. I'll listen tonight.

I KNEW IT!!!! A while back I asked you if "check it out I'm like a buzzbomb" was a Clutch reference - you never answered but now I know! lol I remember the first time I saw Clutch; Trocadero in Philly, right around '94... I was all over this broad up in the bar when they came on... Shogun Named Marcus started the set, I stopped mid-feel to get in the Pit - Got knocked around like the old NYHC Skinhead days - Loved them ever since.

i love Clutch. Every time i have to go on a long driving trip (fairly often) i make sure i have a couple of Clutch CDs in the car. Its cathartic to scream along with 12-ounce epilogue or something. i have no favorite songs, but lately i've been on a "nickel & dime" and "careful with that mic" kick. Gawd, i never tire of those guys. someday, i'll get to see them live.

You really turned me on to this band... I've been digging them ever since.

Any band that can use the phrase "Rockin' With Dokken" in a song and PULL IT OFF is OK by me!