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magic erasers + triumph = progress

I've been on a cleaning rampage this morning and I've been flipping through the digital cable radio stations while I go at it when I got knocked upside the head with this:

The world is full of compromise, the infinite red tape
But the music's got the magic, it's your one chance for escape
So turn me on - turn me up - it's your turn to dream
A little magic power makes it better than it seems

I'm young, I'm wild and I'm free
I got the magic power of the music in me

I haven't heard, let alone thought about that song or band in many, many years. And now I clearly remember my sister's Triumph poster and the fact that she named her car Emmet after Triumph's lead singer.


the digital radio stations are cool. I was stopped dead in my dishwashing tracks the other day by an Undertones song. Floored, i was, to hear it again.

I enjoyed Triumph because they were always defiantly upbeat at a time when nihilism was in. "Never Surrender" is a great air guitar song.
And remember that limited edition metal-plated album they put out? Looked great but it would destroy your cartridge if you ever played it....

I mention Triumph here all the time.