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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
Bad Song Finalist, New Category

Your finalists are:

Vote away. You may choose to write in if you feel your choice was not represented.

And now, the new non-negative category, courtesy of Jay:

Most underrated/underappreciated rock band/artist (past or present)

My obvious answer is Faith No More, though I also nominate The Toadies and Iron Maiden (yes, they are underappreciated)


Jimmy Buffet

Gee this should come as no surprise coming from me.
Todd Rundgren

The Tragically Hip. The Hip are a fantastic Canadian rock band, past their best now unfortunately, that deserve global recognition. That Celine Dion and Bryan Adams are well known, but not The Hip, is a cruel joke.

I second the Toadies. Also:
Seven Mary Three
Sublime (maybe that should be under a 'Best Bands that Never Were' category)

BTW - If a band is truly underrated, then how can they win this award?


Was (Not Was)


Gotta go with mbruce on this one.

Todd Rundgren.

Runner Ups:

Faith No More (and I only started listening to them thanks to Michele. However, WTF is up with Anne's Song?)
Nick Lowe
Dave Edmunds
Joe Jackson

As much as I love Jimmy Buffett, I do not see him in the "Rock" category, mr lawson.

underappreciated: The Guess Who

Toadies -second album was great, can't beleive they got screwed on air-play. I got all excited when I first heard Burden Bros. then I found out it wasn't actually the Toadies.

Deftones - Another band that was screwed by lack of air-play (yes, they are underappreciated)

Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra. People roll their eyes at ELO. Don't know why.

Plus, Jeff's work as a producer has resurrected the fortunes of Tom Petty (Full Moon Fever) and Paul McCartney (Flaming Pie), among others.

I second Deftones for the same reasons.

Roxy Music
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Derek and the Dominos

The Yardbirds
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
Blind Faith
Delaney and Bonnie
Derek and the Dominos

I'll second Shank's nominees:

Seven Mary Three

and I'll add:


Be Bop Deluxe, and I'll second Montrose


I guess "CLAPTON IS GOD" isn't enough recognition?

The Kinks


I'm going to say:

Alice in Chains (killed by the popularity of NIrvana, yet I tend to believe they are a much better, yet wholly unappreciated band)

TOOL (never really get the credit they deserve as musicians, yet are constantly producing some of the best rock albums of the last decade)

Living Color (really great tunes, one hit wonders as they may be, they don't garner very much appreciation)

I also agree with Faith no More-

IMHO, The Tragically Hip win this going away, but I second the Toadies and Joe Jackson.

I'd also throw in:
The Replacements
Husker Du
Stabbing Westward

Bob Marley? Isn't he like the number one t-shirt face after Che?


I would agrees that AIC was in some ways underrated, but to say Nirvana killed them seems silly.

Nirvana simply popularized grunge/Seatle Scene.

While it's possible (ok, likely) that many of those bands may have become more popular at some point, Nirvana's crossover success had much more to do with their success than their failure.

Monster Magnet

I'm tempted to nom. Leonard Cohen, but I'm not sure how well he qualifies as 'rock'. Maybe the 80s and 90s albums, at least.

But in case that doesn't fly I'll nominate Joy Division (who get overshadowed by their drastically inferior successor band, historically) and Material Issue (who were about a decade too early...)

bad company


perhaps killed is too harsh- may I say overshadowed. Even so much as to say it is the same when you look at them vs. Soundgarden. A great deal is made about how "revolutionary" they were... again, not to take away from that reasonable success, as it is deserved, but I believe AIC was greatly under-appreciated. but I do have to confess there is a great deal of subjectivity to my thoughts, as I believe that Kurt Cobain was not the poetic "genious" that people make him out to be- but he was a tragic story. I believe that if you listen to Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell, they are far better song writers with more core substance to their songs... Even listening to Staley with his collaboration group Mad Season is amazing to me- but again it is subjective to the listener. I just connected better with AIC.

new category possibility (if your still taking suggestions): Best Grunge band...

I list at least 5 that are above and beyond better than Nirvana, but they just happened to have the fortune of being the first one to mainstream the genra(sp?)...

I have to second and third and what not for the following:


And for my own personal fave: Nick Cave


Don't get me wrong, I much prefer AIC to Nirvana. I took issue with the "killed"...

I believe a lot of people tend to have major misconceptions about Nirvana, and their contribution to music in the early 90's.

I whole heartedly agree, that AIC is greatly under-appreciated, You just can't blame Nirvana for having more cross-over appeal.

In my oppionion, that's what was so revolutionary about Kurt & Co, their ability to cross over into popular music, as opposed to any supposed musical superiority or originality when compared to the bands that preceeded them; AIC, Soundgarden, etc.

Oooh,Bebop Deluxe,good one!

Tesla. They put out consistently solid albums all through the 80's and got zero public appreciation. They reformed last year and put out by far the best album in this century by a band whose glory days were the 80s.

Now that would be one hell of a category!

They got lumped in with hair metal, although they had much more in common with ACDC and Zepplin than they ever did with the hair bands.

Bonnie Raitt.

Some good ones here.
Rundgren for sure.

How about Rancid? Are they under appreciated? Or is it just where I live?

Stone Temple Pilots
Kings of Leon
The Shins

Liked Supertramp early on,caught them live three times "Crime of the Cetury" era,but then they got all bubblegum and crap ."Breakfast in America" made me want to stuff kippers up their butts.
Montrose is a good one,

The Replacements

Paule Westerberg is a freakin' genius.


Nick Lowe

If for no other reason than "Labour of Lust"

Whoever nominated Michael Stipe should go here:


Fury in the Slaughterhouse.
The Amazing Alex Harvey Band.

Second on Monster Magnet. Great fucking band, and no one pays them any heed.

Likewise ELO. Some of the best music in the world, and everyone seems to think only of "Livin' Thing".

Tapping the Vein

Man, Starship is pulling away from the pack by a wide margin. I guess we can see where this one is going.

I also agree on Monster Magnet & ELO

Let me also add:
Social Distortion
Sisters of Mercy


The Stranglers

You know, it's funny, but when I think of ELO, I never think of "Livin' Thing". The first two songs that come to mind are "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Strange Magic".

The Replacements

Best band that never was.

Talking Heads - massively under appreciated musical genius. The first to really innovate the "concert movie" with Stop Making Sense. The albums are just full of musical gold and none of it has dulled with time. There is light stuff and there is dark and heavy. They have it all.

The Midnighters
The Turtles
The Band
Social Distortion
Throwing Muses

Tesla AND Cake!
Go Sacramento!

Los Lobos. If the only thing you know about them is th La Bamba soundtrack, then you've missed one of the greatest American bands on the last 30 years.

Definitely Nick Lowe... And I don't know if he'd qualify, as I consider him to be a blues act, but Robert Cray never gets enough exposure as far as I'm concerned.

Some of you are nuts. Did you even read the category?


they clean uncounted clocks.

Social D is still headlining shows and festivals, and they've got 5 or 6 songs in heavy rotation on most stations in LA. How in the HELL can that be considered UNDERRATED or UNDERAPPRECIATED??

Same with STP--they're radio gods. Under appreciated???

Oh, and Sleater-Kinney??? They're pretty damn current and haven't even been around long enough to be under appreciated.

Oh, and every one of Eric Clapton's bands from the 60's? Underrated? Gimme a break. He got full credit, and he's still sailing on that wind.

I don't think the category was "favorite band." I think the category had other meaning.

Oh, and I've got to say that ELO was one of the most OVER rated "bands" ever.

Ok, so Sleater-Kinney is almost 10 years old.

That doesn't make me any less drunk or pissed off at some of you morons. It just makes me slightly more tolerant of S-K's nomination.

But really, Everything EC did in the 60's??? Where the fuck WERE you all your life???

If you want a TRULY underrated grunge band, then go straight to its roots: Napalm Beach (or before that, the Wipers)

Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and Soundgarten were opening for Napalm in Seattle and Portland clubs long before any of you heard of those bands. Napalm gave Everclear its first ever gig. Unfortunately, severe addictions on the part of the Napalm guys prevented them from getting their business in order and venturing outside the Pac. Northwest (a few European tours are exceptions).

If any of you walk the streets of Seattle or Portland and stop in some clubs, you'll find a cult of Napalm lovers who will tell you where it really originated. They're still local legends, and the purists know the real shit.

I was there. My former brother-in-law was their drummer. He's still a legend.

And, if you're curious about what's going on now, check out www.morgangracemusic.com. Morgan is too new to be underrated, but she is nevertheless. I dare ya.

except for earl, you're all schmucks.

We're talking about "bands the average joe has heard of" right?

Not these niche "connosewer (nothing wrong with my spelling) Twits.

Paul Westerberg is SO NOT A GENIUS! The Replacements sucked the day the came out and Westerberg just kep that trash going.

I also vote TOOL

BTW, where is your blogroll?

I am going with you again michele! I think I would choose Faith no More over the Toadies.

I couldn't figure out how to do the "other" option.

I nominate Tom Waits.

Granted you have to get used to the voice but when more mainstream artists cover his stuff they turn out to be huge hits.

"Old '55" covered by The Eagles
"Jersey Girl" covered by Springsteen
"Downtown Train" covered by Rod Stewart

I'm going to say Clutch.

The Melvins (inspiration to Cobain)
The Wrens (great New Jersey Band)
Jesus Lizard
The Flaming Lips
Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy!

(agree with the Shins and Sleater-Kinney)

yah clutch, fer sure! and the toadies! and, um. hmmm. FNM of course. and the deftones. and i have to sneak in the Mc5.

I know the category is underrated or underappreciated rock bands, but I'm seeing a lot of, "Best Bands That Me And Maybe 3 Other People Have Heard Of."

No offense. I know there are some great acts I listen to and when I tell people about them I get the blank "Who?" stare.

My vote goes to King's X. They are just a freaking phenomenal band. Great writing, great music, great vocals, and great sound. These guys have it all, except for the fame they truly deserve.

I'm hopping on th "mbruce" train: got to give it to Todd Rundgren (and this had nothing to do with with Kasim being a Staten Island guy and I'm buddy with his brother...I swear!).

Wow, my rude drunk posting last night didn't attract any flames? Not even from the Penguin? I'm losing my touch.

Come on, TC, Bad Company is UNDER rated?

(I happen to love the band, but always thought they were a little OVER rated).

Come on, people! Don't you have any deroggatory penguin jokes I can borrow? You must! Email me privately.

Guster is extremely underappreciated, given that they are one of the 25 best American rock bands currently playing.


I have a good friend who is related to someone in the band (guitar player I think?). They've been trying to get me to listen and go to a few gigs, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I trust these people, and they rave about the band. This might be a good nomination, but I would have to go on faith. Maybe its time for me to pay attention?

Come on, folks. Penquin jokes.

Level 42
Tower of Power

No explanation necessary, if you've heard either, if you haven't, well that kinda reinforces the "unappreciated" thing, huh?