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among the living*

So Captain Tripps is alive and well and living in Turkey.

You going to Boulder or Vegas?

Me, I'm gonna hook up with Randall and head for the city of sin. If I'm going to go out, I'd rather it be in a blaze of glory than sitting on some old lady's porch whittling or whatever.

Come on down and meet your maker.................*

Vegas, baby, Vegas. Who's with me?

The amazing band Self does a tune called Baby Can You Dig Your Man, the refrain taken from the song referenced throughout the book.


I LOVE that book. Both versions.

I didn't get to see all of the miniseries; didn't someone write and record "Baby, Can You Dig Your Man" for it?

As to your question: In keeping, alas, with my persona as a lawful good cookie-eating Federation paladin (and horrible sinner, but there you are), I'm afraid it's Boulder all the way for your humble.

whither mollie ringwald goest, there goest I(me?)

All right, now I'm gonna have ot break out my DVDs and watch the mini-series again. It's been far too long for a nightmare about biological apocalypses... the zombies can wait in the corner.

Nice Alarm reference

Boulder for me. DH is from Colorado.


I just dug out my Stephen King books for my daughters to read. Due mostly to the bird flu making me think of Cap'n Tripps!

I just dug out my Stephen King books for my daughters to read. Due mostly to the bird flu making me think of Cap'n Tripps!

Oh, and I feel I must head for Boulder!

Say what you will about Stephen King, but The Stand was the first "grown up" book I ever read. I read the abridged version (all 819 pages) over the course of 5 days the summer I turned 13. When the unabridged version was released, I read it non-stop over a 3 day weekend. What a great book! Makes me want to go read that monstrosity again!

my life for you

Sorry..I like the old lady, besides, that wasn't Randall in the cornfield, it was Ray Liotta

I'd be stuck in the nuthouse, up in Terra Haute.


I thought Michele and Vegas, and was all over expedia looking for tickets while I threw a couple of hawaiian shirts in a bag, all the while daydreaming about taking more of Caesers's money at one of their craps tables, with her there to wave her bottle of Guiness over the bones before the toss for good luck.

Aw screw it. Now I'm just gonna go to Waffle House for breakfast.

Great book, great album