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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: One Hit Winner

We finally have a winner in the One Hit Wonder category. It was soooooooo close and I'm surprised (and happy) that Spirit in the Sky made such a strong showing. It's really a great song. The winner is:

[cliick for bigger].

You can see the poll results here.

For your listening pleasure: Vapors - Turning Japanese

The nominations for worst rock song are coming in hot and heavy; I have no idea how I'm going to narrow these down to finalists.

Meanwhile, suggestions for next category needed. And an ark.


Best angy music? Best European band?

Best cameo of a rock star or band in a movie (where the person or band is playing themself).

As far as the wacky weather goes - it's obvious to me that these are the signs of the last days before rapture, when the Lord God Almighty will come for the 144,000 faithful and leave the rest of the world's sinners to suffer Armageddon. I don't know about you, but I've been going to morning Mass daily, bombing abortion clinics, and beating the children when they're evil so as far as I'm concerned, I'm a shoe in.

You people, on the other hand, with your rock music and your porn, are gonna burn with the Satanists.

Burn, that is, if it ever stops raining for long enough that the Lord's Flaming Sword may stay lit.

Best Novelty Song.

"Band with the Greatest Legacy of Suckage"


End of Nominations.

I still can't believe 'Turning Japanese' won consider the song sucks so much.

How about Most Underrated or Most Underappreciated Rock Band or Artist?

How about best Female Rock band (either all female, or at least female lead)...

Best Comedy (Musical) Act
Best Novelty Song
Best Extreme/Death/Black Metal Band

Good idea, Jay.

Loved this song, Michele. Thanks so much.

Stay dry. We've had it here in NC for about 2 weeks now and finally saw the sun for the first time today. Or at least I think it was the sun. Everything got bright suddenly. 3 or 4 of us at work stood up from our computers and stumbled over to the windows to see what was happening. We just stood there blinking until it got dark again then we went back to work.

But for a few minutes there, we had light.

You gotta love a song about masturbation.

How about "best unintentional novelty song?"

Could be something that was intended to be serious (anything that William Shatner recorded, for instance), or a song that got grossly misunderstood (like "Mellow Yellow", for one).