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quickie movie review: Corpse Bride


One part Beetlejuice
One part Nightmare Before Christmas
One part Grim Fandango

Put them in a blender with a heaping servings each of love, romance and humor.

And that's Corpse Bride.

Wonderful movie.


Compared to Nightmare this one wasn't as good. The effects were great but the story line was week. My friend suggested that if we were to see this again, then being drunk or high might make it more enjoyable.

I am looking forward to this movie... without drunken revelry even!

I am not surprised that you enjoyed it. I rather like Nightmare (ok its the only Xmas movie I like) so I am looking forward to Corpse Bride.

I'm very much encouraged - I love all three of those parts.

Oh God. The fact that you referenced Grim Fandango makes me love you even more.

Why aren't you my mom? Dammit.

"Keep it down, we're in a church."

Excellent movie. I especially liked the piano playing. Something about that just enchanted me.

I'm pretty close to certain I'm going to enjoy this movie - just need to get my arse out of the house and go see it...