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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: One Hit Finalists

And finally, the One Hit Wonder finalists. Vote away.

[poll has been finished]

You can still nominate guitar solos here.

Going to see Corpse Bride in a bit.


So sad to see Red Rider in there. In Canada they were huge, and Tom Cochrane's still riding the goodwill he developed as frontman, despite having maybe one good song in the decade or so since he went solo. Why is it that only the crappy Canadian "bands" hit it big in the States (Rush excepted)?

Hmmm, somehow I missed the nominations! Great finalists, tho. No Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie koo?

blind melon had "Tones of Home" too, didn't they?

Sean E- too bad Big Sugar was never willing to tour much in the states. They were rad.

what ever happened to Kajagoogoo - Too Shy?

really this has to be the greatest one hit wonder of all.

Hmmm, I was overseas when Aldo Nova was big..... he was considered a one hit wonder with Fantasy? What about Ball and chain, victim of a broken heart, always be mine.... etc?

OMFG! Spacehog didn't make the cut. I may have to do one of those public delinking smackdowns. It's worked really well for everyone else...

Of course, Dexy's Midnight Runners are the ULTIMATE one hit wonder, but I'll play along nicely.

Danzig?? I guess because I am a fan I can think of a couple other radio songs before they faded away....

Sorry to have missed the nominations... got here too late. However, for the record I think we have to at least nod reverentially in the direction of the greatest one-hit wonder artist of all time: Francis Scott Key.

Yeah Helveticus: he wrote a bloody anthem with a high bit in it that makes it tough for anyone but a soprano to sing.

I wonder if Danzig was only a one hit wonder. Hrm...

Where the HECK is the link to the poll? I'm assuming I'm missing something, but everytime Michele says there's a poll up, there's never a link to said poll. What gives!?

Uh..do you not see that rather large poll sitting right there in the post?

"One Toke Over the Line," by Brewer and Shipley.

Or is that song too old to qualify?


No, Michele, I don't. But I'm at work and this kind of thing happens quite often. I'll check from home then.

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