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complaining about something i can't do anything about


This is about day six of rain. It's going to rain right up into Saturday. And it's not just light rain or drizzle, no. It's pounding rain and wind that kept us up all night long. This is god damn depressing. It's ruining my Halloween decorating plans and the constant gray and wet is putting me into a funk.

I'm waiting for the ark to show up. Of course, they probably won't let me on board. Who the hell wants the responsibility of repopulating the world, anyhow? And how hard is it to have all that sex when you're surrounded by the wild kingdom?

I'll tell you what, though. I wouldn't forget the unicorn. I'll never forgive you for that, Noah, you incestuous unicorn hater.


Hey I love this kind of weather, provided I'm lounging at home.

We have been in several years of drought and have been operating under water restrictions for some time. Send it over !

well, if you COULD do anything about it, I'd ask you to send some of the rain down here (Oklahoma/North Texas/Arkansas area). We are in a severe drought. Houses are falling apart because the stupid SOIL is shrinking so far away from their foundations. I'm about ready to turn homicidal because the stupid SUN has been out, shining, for so many days.

and a research project I want to do is on hold until we get some rain. Which, at this point, looks like it might be never again.

oh, and it's like 88* in my office right now.

I'd gladly take rain and cold over this.

Last Friday and Saturday we had pretty much non-stop heavy rain down here in Baltimore...by Sunday morning we had 8 inches of rain, the record for baltimore city in a two day period was previously 5.2 or something.

holy cow, michele, when did you move to the Oregon coast?

Tell me about it. This is a vacation week for me.

Consider yourself lucky. At least you're not stuck in Ohio. Fortunately I get to take a 4 month vacation next year.

Yeah its getting cold here in San Diego too. Dropped all the way to 55 last night.


Brandon, what you got against Ohio? Huh? Huh??