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with new Hall of Fame category goodness! »

ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: And the Winner is:


Depeche Mode slipped by Duran Duran to take the honors. Final standings here.

I'm not putting up the poll for One Hit Wonder yet as I've had a medical thing tonight (I believe the diagnosis is: an alien has burrowed into my collar bone and is going to pop its way out soon. Either that or tuberculosis) and I'm going to go sit on the couch and milk it for a while (Oh, I'm...so....weak, fetch mother a glass of vodak water, dear. OHHH it's the vapors, someone get me a pillow and rub my feet!). So you may still make nominations there.

Suggestion box for the next category officially open.


Sorry to hear about the alien in the collar bone thing. That's got to suck.


Hah! I haven't faked a good case of that since... musta been college. Thanks for bringing that back!

The best cure for the "vapors" is to loosen your corset a bit.

"...a glass of (remove strikethru, drumroll, please)...VODAK WATER!

Buy me a flagon!

Hey, can ya get the foot rub schedule thing up. I'd like to sign up for the 2-2:30 slot. Only time I'm available today.

I'm familiar with NoDak and SoDak, but could somebody please tell me where to find this VoDak place?