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Anyone who says "fire Torre" gets a cockpunch

I'll start with NBCSports.com contributor JT the Brick: Enough's enough — fire Torre, Cashman

JT the Brick? You go through life calling yourself that? That's two cockpunches for you, then.

I am totally down with the Fire Cashman sentiment. But not Torre.

You blame the front office for trading off talent for that grab at instant gratification. You blame Steinbrenner for sitting back while the team is taken apart. You blame some of the players for their failure to come through when it matters most. You blame Cashman, most of all, who at one time was considered a genius but lately leaves Yankee fans questioning his moves rather than applauding them.

You don't blame Torre.

If they fire him I swear I will drain the Yankee blue out of my blood.

Update: Ed makes a valid point in the comments:

Cashman saved the season by bringing in Chacon, Aaron Small and Robinson Cano. He should stay, too.

Fine, he can stay. But I am still adamant about Torre not going anywhere.


Cashman saved the season by bringing in Chacon, Aaron Small and Robinson Cano. He should stay, too.

I do fear, though, that my boyhood idol, Roy White, will be out of work next year for failing to tell Bubba Crosby, "Don't crash into Sheffield."

Cashman is gonna walk. He gets ignored during the offseason, and for putting up with that he deserves some shots, but not the big bullet. He duct-taped together a pitching rotation on the fly. That should count for something. But with Tampa involved it will mean jack.

Uncle Joe? Mel's gonna be gone, most likely Girardi too.

Let's just say, "I ain't betting."

My guess is the whole thing gets an overhaul. Mel is gone and Cashman takes off as fast as he can. And I think Joe looks around and wants to be gone at that point.

Look at least you can have Sweet Lou.

Best part is that they can then turn around and list all the crap they got from Tampa. I bet Cashman has a file that can prove all the crap the Tampa Mafia has pulled over the last 3 years.

Cockpunches? Sign me up! And bring on Crazy Lou!

I'm a Red Sox fan - but fire Torre? Bringing that collection of has beens senior citizens home in first place was a brilliant job of managing. Right up there with Francona bringing the Sox in without their ace or closer. Both managers did a great job under the circumstances.

Fire the idiots in Tampa
Hire the white sox pitching coach if Mel walks
Get Sheffield someone who can convince him to swing in a way that ENDS the stoopid popups which render him winfield-esque

Bat A rod 8th in the playoffs..THAT IS WHO HE IS



Fire Costanza!

Fire George. And let the Mets hire Cashman.

But, but, but Lou Pinella is more of a Yankee than Torre will ever be; remember to glory years. Joe even played for the Mets...Yuck.

I got insider connections (family) on this one: Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone will be the Yankees pitching coach next season. Mel won't be back and Leo wants to be on the Yankees.

Totally unrelated to the subject matter of this post:

Michele, just wanted to let you know that you were one of the first blogs I read years ago. I've slacked off in my blog reading lately, but coming back here, reading a post of yours with the word "cockpunch" in the title...well, it feels like home.

Many of the Yankees fans who want to fire Joe Torre are the very same geniuses who wanted to get rid of that bum Jeter when Steinbrenner bought A-Rod. I really hope those folks get their way...

"Fire George. And let the Mets hire Cashman."

Bingo. Cashman's a damn good GM, when he's allowed to do his job. The problem is George's insistence on signing players to long-term big-money deals in their decline phases. Too many 30 somethings making $20 something-million.

Oh, and A-Rod isn't your problem either. Anyone who says so deserves a "cockpunch" too.

While some of the luster on Cashman's worn off, I really don't think you can blame him for the sorry state of affairs. Biggest share of the blame has to go on the Tampa crew, whose main feature appears to be the ability to sit around a table, applaud, and say "That's just sheer GENIUS, Mr. Steinbrenner!"

Unfortunately, as long as Steinbrenner continues to jump in and thrash around the way he has the past few years, I think you guys are doomed to rosters that a) are several multiples of what most other teams are paying, and b) really nice if you're playing fantasy baseball, and not so nice if you're actually trying to win world championships.

Anyone know what Howie Spira's up to these days?

Firing Torre may not be a wise move, but it would fit well with Steinbrenner's general image. Assuming it would be as stupid of a move as you say (I don't follow the Yanks closely enough to know), it wouldn't be without precedent. Here on the Left Coast. everybody knows why the Dodgers just had their second worst season since moving to L.A. in 1958: general manager Paul DePodesta traded away all the talent in a boneheaded move opposed by just about everybody except (1) DePodesta himself, and (2) the teams that benefitted from the trades. Among the opponents of DePodesta's idiocy was then-manager Jim Tracy. The season pretty well proved that DePodesta was wrong and Tracy was right, so now that it's over, Tracy's gone and DePodesta's still there. Go figure.

Torre's is having a press conference @ 3pm today. Could be just his usual end of season press conference, but ESPN talking heads are speculating he's going to retire. I guess we'll see.


Exactly.. I hope its just ESPN talking heads being ESPN talking heads, but I am feeling a bit of dread about this press conference.

If you look at it from a psycological standpoint, fire Torre, I know he managed for four WCs but he has an all star team that leaves more people on base than an all girls softball team. HELLO LINEUP! When all is said and done Torre has the respect of his players but he doesnt have the guts to push the veterans like they need to be pushed sometimes (Posada, A-ROD). Cashman IS a genius and I agree with cloning Jeter