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the saga of the yankees season summed up in one set of statistics

Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: A Rodriguez 1, R Cano 1, H Matsui 3
Team LOB: 11

Which is pretty much a microcosm of their season.

And now, allow me a moment to vent.

I hate you, Alex Rodriguez. Always have, always will. You are a fraud and a thief (figuratively speaking).

2-15. 0 RBI in the series.

A-Rod is the Don Baylor of his time - empty home run hitter that can hit them out of the park when the game is already won or lost, but when the game is on the line, he's a freaking liability to have at the plate. Someone get me a stat on how many runners A-Rod left in scoring position this year.

Let us now turn our thoughts to hockey.

P.S. In regards to gloating (see comments in post below): Of course, I deserve whatever I get. Such is the way of sports fandom. You dish it out, you take it back. It's all part of the game.


youse talkin ta ME?

hey, chu foget I'm a Cubs fan ovah heah?


Although also a North Sider (Cubs Fan) I was really looking forward to a Yankee/White Sox match up. Bummed here.

At least you had a chance. I'm from the Philly area. I don't watch sports any more. We haven't had a team worth following in any sport since the Broad Street Bullies took home the Stanley Cup back in the seventies. It doesn't matter how well they do in the regular season; IF they make it to post-season they always fall apart.

So after all the shouting - the difference between the Sox and Yankees was 1 win, and $100 million dollars.

The Sox will look very different next year - the Yankees I bilieve are locked in contracts with just about everybody?

A-Rod actually did pretty well this year with RISP. He batted .290 with RISP and .302 with RISP and 2 outs.

He just wasn't aggressive. Neither was Matsui or Sheffield. How many times did these guys watch a fat pitch go over the plate for a first pitch strike? It seemed like every time they were up, they were down 0-2 in the blink of an eye.

Just waiting for the final nail, where Big Papi takes home the MVP.

It would be well deserved, Bruce.

A-Rod: finalist for ASV Rock and Roll hall of fame for highest paid 2-hit wonder?

/happy to get on with hockey

Most of the best hitters in the game take the first pitch. Ted Williams. Tony Gwynn. To name just two.

I don't know A-Rod's problem. But I sensed a great disturbance in the force when the Yankees signed him, that the team chemistry would change in a negative way for the Yankees.

No gloating. Just relief.


Now we need Cano to take Mattingly's role and pound his ass into irrelevence.

Oh sure, let me gloat now, when there's nothing to gloat about. It's just not as fun when someone else knocks out the Yankees.

Perhaps you can cheer on ex-Yankees Roger and Andy as they head to the World Series?

Nah. ;)

The 2 highest paid teams in baseball scrape their way into the playoffs and then get knocked out in the 1st round. Kinda sad huh?

The Angels are my 2nd favorite team after The Red Sox, but I think I am going to root for the White Sox this year. The fewer made up curses there are for FOX to harp on, the better I say.

Well, the highlights of the Phillies season were these:

  • first professional sports team to get to 10,000 losses.
  • Ed Wade fired as GM

Now, if we can get the owners to sell, dump some contracts, build a minor league system, burn every item of equipment in the place, replace it with new stuff blessed by representatives of major Christian demoninations and followers of JoBu ... we'll be set.

Ready to win our 10th and 11th World Series (using base 3)

Better luck next year, Michele.

On to hockey.

So after all the shouting - the difference between the Sox and Yankees was 1 win, and $100 million dollars.

Actually, it was 2 wins.

But really, who's counting?

This just in -- so cut A-Rod some slack, and please root for my St. Louis Cardinals! Thank you for your support.

"The Sox will look very different next year - the Yankees I bilieve are locked in contracts with just about everybody?"

You would be wrong....the Yanks have 14 players signed or they control their contract (ie: Canu, Wang & Small). So some middle relievers are likely to go, Williams could see a buyout, Tino is probably gone unless he signs cheap, and Matsui will be resigned.

The Sox will look very different...no Johnny Damon, losing some of the bench help, Manny is looking for a trade, the pitching staff is older than the Yankees which is shocking, etc etc.

Us Texans wish to thank ya'll for taking the overpaid A-Rod off our hands. We're not contenders but at least we aren't paying the gross national product of Russia to one player in return for....

Yes, it's time for hockey, Go Stars!

It's unfortunate that an entire season of individual achievement, not to mention helping his team to the playoffs, can be obliterated by hitting into a double-play in the 9th inning of the deciding game of a division series.

But really, the Don Baylor of his time? I trust it's the emotion taking over reason.

Career .307 hitter, .321 this season. 1st in the AL in home runs, runs, slugging %, and OPS. 2nd in the AL in OBP and BA.

The guy is a monster, and while I think Ortiz should get the MVP, it's only cuz I'm a Red Sox fan.

Banning injuries, this guy will break many records. You don't see a 'roid body, either. He looks the same as when he started with the Mariners 11 years ago.

He's worth every penny Steinbernner ponied up for him.

Looked it up on Yahoo; A-Rod did bat better with the bases empty than with runners in scoring position: .337 versus .290, and with dramatically less power, .670 slugging versus .484. Of course, Jeter's stats do the same swan dive: .306 average versus .261, and .473 slugging versus .355. Giambi does seem to hit better with runners on.

John, I wholly disagree with Michele about the "Don Baylor" business.

A-Hole is Winfield: an overpaid useless bastard when the playoffs roll around. Winfield was dubbed "Mr May." A-Hole had that big bat game against the Angels when???

Screw him.

I'm conflicted about the Yankees. Even though I despise George Steinbrenner, I greatly admire Joe Torre and several of the players, especially Derek Jeter.

I think what this season shows is that baseball and sports in general are a little bit like the stock market - past performance does not guarantee future results and buying into proven winners of the past doesn't mean that they will be a winner for YOU.

The thing is, it's very difficult to know ahead of time, before he's played a MLB game, that Derek jeter will become Derek Jeter. It's not like there are hundreds of Jeters floating around to choose from - it's basically a needle-in-the-haystack sort of task to find someone with that skill level AND that competitive fire.

A-Rod is an excellent baseball player. He deserves the MVP because he put up similarly spectacular offensive numbers to a guy who doesn't even play in the field. It's just that up to this point in his career, A-Rod hasn't been a great post-season player. That could easily change in the future, or maybe not. Maybe the post-season failures to date make him not worth the millions he's being paid. However, if he hits a walk-off homerun to win the 2006 World Series, a lot of people's opinions about him would change in the blink of an eye. Sports are funny that way...

Hey Penguin!

I understand your frustration.

Thanks to A-rod, you won't get anymore chances to through coins from the nosebleed level at the little kids in the nice box seats at Yank-me Stadium.

What is this "nosebleed level" you speak of? Never been in that there section that the term "Rangers" weren't involved.

I own (via usury pricing, believeyoume) one Section 39 seat (which I cannot and have not used since my marriage vows in 1998, since Wife will not allow me out there alone, "period!" but I can hock for all sorts of "no, not money...a favor" bucks) and a pair in the 430 Loge Box section.

And it's "throw" numbnuts.

Had to refresh my stats memory about Winfield. All I remembered cold was that he's a hall of famer from who played with the Yanks for a spell. Winfield played for 22 seasons.

In just half the time, A-rod has more stolen bases and is only one season away from matching Winfield in home runs. He already has more 100-rbi seasons than Winfield, and has 75% of the runs and 61% of Winfields hits. Again, in half the time.

You people keep forgetting that you have to actually MAKE the playoffs to get the richly deserved opportunity to choke in the post-season.

You clowns actually boo'd Johnson? And you boo'd Giambi? Yeah, you guys have traditions, alright. Traditions of being jerks.

You guys boo'd Maris!

Just to be clear Penguin:

Are you saying that 5 games are more representative of a player's ability than 162 games? Or 1,782 games?

I would say take a stats class, but my 11-year-old gets it, so it must be pretty clear.

Yes, Johnny, since "our guys" have lost more World Series battles than anyone you might consider "yours" has even participated, we hold the bar at that "nose bleed" level you spoke of. And speak no further about Winfield...he wanted to get a pay day to be bronzed as a HoF member wearing wearing a Yankee cap, and Boss said: "Fuck that."

PS: Regular season stats count for...hmm, how should I put this? Oh, yeah: Jack Shit. Rings, baby...it's all about the rings.

You people keep forgetting that you have to actually MAKE the playoffs....

And what team on the planet has a better record than the NY Yankees at making the playoffs, nevermind winning the whole damn ball of wax?

You can be a little shit-for-brains all you want, but the fact remains: The NY Yankees set the standard; eveyone else plays catchup

So yeah, we hold the bar high for our guys.

With an angelic personality like mine, why would I gloat?

I don't give a toss if the Elias stat crew that you consider Guru were wiped from the face of the earth.

Yes, "5 games" can seal the deal. Kirk Gibson was bullshit until he swung and limped his way into WS lore. When the light are the hottest is when you find who shines.

On a personal note: Kid, you really don't wanna go fucking around and dancing with me. You really, really don't get me, or probably know anything about me, at all. I am am sitting on a mercury switch.


Funny thing about this tenuous relationship between players, fans and the team. A player puts up the stats of A-Rod, takes you to post-season, and just because he has the poor timing to encounter a 5-game slump, he's the worst person on earth.

Now, does that say more about the player, or the fan?

I totally understand it's about the rings, and I'm painfully aware of the Yankees post season history, especially compared to the Red Sox. I'm also a baseball fan, and know full well what we remember are the Kurt Gibson and Aaron Fucking Boone moments.

I'm just pointing out that the heap of shit you're shoveling on A-Rod is not deserved.

And no, I don't know, get, dance or desire to fuck around with you. I'm making comments on a baseball thread. Have some perspective.

Last year: nothing
this year: nothing
combined: damned near 50 million bucks worth of nothing.

"Perspective" perschmecktive. I want the bastard nailed to a pole at the corner of River and 161st. And you made the "my 11-year-old gets it" crack, jack, so don't dance back.

Just re-read this:
"Funny thing about this tenuous relationship between players, fans and the team. A player puts up the stats of A-Rod, takes you to post-season, and just because he has the poor timing to encounter a 5-game slump, he's the worst person on earth.

Now, does that say more about the player, or the fan?"

College, post grad, am I right? Stole Evil Glenn's "Heh" and eveything....

You never swung any kind of lumber in anger in your entire life!

Why all the anger towards Don Baylor and Dave Winfield (he did pretty well in Toronto)

But would it not be better to compair Arod to Sammy Sosa? a great home run hitter when your up or down by more that 4 runs. Otherwise he just sucks the life out of your team. Oh but he will have great stats at the end of the year, you just can't win with him on the team.

I've read the post on TC's website, then went over to ESPN and read A-Rod's quote acknowledging he played like dog. So, after his dismal performance, he has the chutzpah to admit he's sub-human.

So, you win, Penguin. I hereby retract my defense of A-Rod.

He is a rat-bastard. Osama Bin fucking Laden does not know the blackness of A-Rod's soul. That evil mother-fucker has the steel ones to not only slump in the last 5 games, but graciously admit that he did it, and not blame it on anyone else! Because, you know there is only one player on the team who slumped!

He should forfeit a major chunk of the $25million and fork it over to the fans! Because they're the ones suffering dammit.

Think about the children! Those young fans who pinned their hopes on the highest paid player in the game, when they should have been holding empty chairs for the likes of Chris Burke or any other mediocre player who, for one shining moment, manange to hit that sweet spot in time at the very moment in post-season which will sear the at-bat into the memories of all fans to come and sealing his fate into baseball lore.

Damn you to hell, A-Rod!

(After I typed that I hit my Bo-sox mini-bat against my empty chair. Is that what you mean by swinging lumber in anger?)

Dumb? Bored? Or wondering how fast I can burn your ass to the ground...

C'mon. Which is it with you, skippy?Come over to my house and spell it out.

I mean, hell, I already got everything I need to commit crimes clutched in my hands.


"I already got everything I need to commit crimes clutched in my hands"

The comebacks to that line are simply too numerous to even begin going there.

Like I said: You win. Whaddya want, me to swear allegiance to the Yankees or something?


I got a "plethora" of bullshit up my sleeve....



I don't know much about baseball, but I know this about the waddlin', fish eatin', tucks dood:

He lives "on Planet Ramone, spinning tightly around the twin suns Joey and Johnny, with that gravity defying Comet Dee Dee holding some sway, too"


Boston rules!

Yankees drool.

It's not A-Rod's fault they lost Game 5. It's penguins fault. During game 5, someone secretly sat in the karma-induced empty chair when he left for the bathroom to clutch his crime-committer. By the time he returned to the living room after clutching off, the Angels had handed the Yankees their final out.

On the upside, he reports the clutching was a good release.

Cordless phone to bookie clutched in one hand, "plethora"-infused member clutched in the other.

Can water fowl even shoot plethora south of the border?

...and Mark dives in to save his brethren...

You clowns keep it up, I'm calling in my buddy...Bill the Cat.

I don't read comics, so Bill can't touch me.