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song of the evening (new wave poll edition)

Yes, I count New Order as new wave. So do the historians, man!

This song is one of the best songs to come out of the new wave era. You might argue that if I were to choose a New Order song, it should be Blue Monday or Bizarre Love Triangle, but you would be WRONG, oh puny humans.

Up, down, turn around
Please don't let me hit the ground
Tonight I think I'll walk alone
I'll find my soul as I go home

Remember how last night I was talking about songs that make you feel like you are stabbing yourself in the heart? Well this has just the opposite affect. It makes me smile. It warms my heart. It reminds me of everything that was good about the early to mid 80's. It reminds me of working at Record World, of a winter spent in love, of Pat and the Dead Virgins and peformance art punk rock at local clubs and dancing at Spit. Not to mention that it's a bloody briliant song.

Oh, you've got green eyes
Oh, you've got blue eyes
Oh, you've got grey eyes
And I've never seen anyone quite like you before
No, I've never met anyone quite like you before

New Order - Tempation (mp3)
Thank you to Lesley for the file.

Now go place your votes.


I think it must be something about New Order that has that ability to put you in a happy place; for me, that song is Age of Consent. Even though Joy Division is the better incarnation of the band, there's something about NO that's infectious.

And Shawn Chacon looks absolutely ON right now. Perfect through 3, four K's. Let's win this thing and go back to Cali!

Before the pitch
before words
Al Leiter

Al Leiter

Who pitched well.

Wow, not only did he pitch well, he actually got the win. Now that's just weird.

For me it's always been the "Thieves Like Us" both with vocals and the instrumental off Substance.


Chicago fans have been waiting YEARS for this playoff match-up. Bring it ON!!!

"Temptation" is a great tune, but my favorite New Order songs are "Perfect Kiss" and "Touched by the Hand of God." And I've got 'em both on 12" vinyl.

Good game tonite, even if the Yanks won. I hope Colon's got his best stuff ever tomorrow night.

I used to feel the same way about that tune until they used it in Trainspotting... Now I'm just reminded of that damn baby crawling on the ceiling!

i dont have a favorite new order song. i love them all. i love Elegia a lot. Age of Consent, Perfect Kiss, Thieves Like Us, dood i just love the shit out of New Order. But i voted for Duran Duran cos i still love John Taylor and his delicious bass playing.

I love almost all of New Order also, but the Best, if ya twist my arm, is True Faith.

Yeah, that's a good one. They have so many, but that's a keeper for sure. Sigh, what memories that brought flooding back.

Eric and I just enjoyed listening to it (again for me) and wondered aloud why A.) you didn't post your New Wave poll on Blogcritics and B.) why you aren't writing for some major music magazine.

I can't think of anyone who has as much enthusiasm and insight for music and isn't in the business.


I've got a fondness for Shell Shock because of its chorus, which got me through many a run:

Hold on
It's never enough
It's never enough until your heart stops beating
The deeper you get
The sweeter the pain
Don't give up the game until your heart stops beating

How could I forget Shellshock? Great song.