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tonight's random question

Via the husband.

What's your favorite movie that was released before you were born?

Here's mine:


Harvey. No doubt, Harvey. A classic. Anyone who can watch it and NOT sit there grinning after the end, overflowing with warm fuzzies, simply has no soul.


"Miracle on 34th Street" and "Some Like it Hot"

The Thin Man.

Willaim Powell and Myrna Loy have one of the best dynamics i've ever seen.

i probably have wathed it an average of twice a month for the last 2 years (or since it came out on DVD teh first time)

The Thin Man.

Willaim Powell and Myrna Loy have one of the best dynamics i've ever seen.

i probably have watched it an average of twice a month for the last 2 years (or since it came out on DVD the first time)

I was born in 1982, which gives me a lot of choices, but I think I have to go with The Sting.

Sink the Bismark...

love it.

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir -- Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, 1947.

Philadelphia Story, no question. One of our favorite games is to try and recast classic movies using modern day actors...for this one, it's nigh impossible.

Gone with the Wind. Definitely.

Ith beat me to it! Ghost and Mrs. Muir

I love, Some Like it Hot, but that was made in 1959 when I was 5. Damn, the older I get the smaller the pool of movies. ::sigh:::

AMC ran The Graduate (1967)the other night and did my head pop up from the computer at the opening bars of "Sounds of Silence"

Born in 1970.

Off the top of my head, I'll go with 'Rear Window.'

A Night At The Opera
Double Indemnity
It Happened One Night
Gone With The Wind
The Killers
White Heat
My Dinner With Andre (joke)

I'm with Sekimori. The Philadelphia Story.

The Maltese Falcon

If only for, "I hope they don't hang you, precious, by that sweet neck. Yes, angel, I'm gonna send you over. The chances are you'll get off with life. That means if you're a good girl, you'll be out in 20 years. I'll be waiting for you. If they hang you, I'll always remember you."

The Godfather

Adam's Rib followed by The African Queen

"A Matter of Life and Death", David Niven, 1946. A very strange film. One of the main characters is a doctor who dies in a motorcycle accident and finishes the film with his scenes set in heavan.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Undoubtedly The Graduate (1967)

I was born in 69.

Huh. Huh. Huhuhuhuhuh. I said 69.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

OK, now I feel old.



"King Kong".

Actually looking forward to the remake. Also actually liked the 1977 version too.

Favorite movie from back in the before the day?

My choice is a Vincent Price/Sex Robot flick from Back When called: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

From IMDB:
Tagline: Super sexbots... built to kill!

Plot Outline: Dr. Goldfoot has invented an army of bikini-clad robots

The 2:30 minute trailer here - which, basically, gives you the whole movies. What you've got is your standard Vincent Price, Frankie Avalon, Sex Robots action caper (with sex robots) about 35 years before the Austin Powers movies.

For "Best Movie" I'd go with 'Citizen Kane'because I have a charred sled/busted snowglobe fetish and a thing for deep focus. But 'Favorite Film' ... it's Dr. Goldfoot, pure cheesy goodness.

Dr. Goldfoot trailer ... apparently previewin a comment knocks out the html....

Yes, in 1982 I was still a couple years away.

Double Indemnity

Duck Soup.

I think I'm gonna go with ... either His Girl Friday or The Big Sleep.

I refuse to choose between the two!

an affair to remember


gone with the wind


Although I agree with every choice mentioned so far in all of the comments. Love 'em all!

Notorious, too - the Hitchcock movie with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. UnbeLIEVable film!!

Harold and Maude

North By Northwest

One of Hitchcock's finest with a killer cast, great script, and cool score.

Citizen Kane

I would say Charade (Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn), but it was made three years too late. So, I'll go with North by Northwest.

Favorite line - "I never met a woman before that used sex like a fly swatter"

I can't pick The Godfather as thats the same year I was born.

Hmmm....Off the top of my head, we may have to go Spaghetti Western and say Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name Trilogy.

"Prepare 3 coffins"
"My mistake: 4 coffins" :)

Jaysus, Brandon

That puts you between my two youngest daughters...

In age! In age!

[.....slinks way to refresh drink...]

"Anatomy of a Murder" late 50s. Jimmy Stewart in smalltown, aweshucks mode in a pretty cynical lawyer story. Nicely directed, but looks weird in come versions because they used a strange aspect ratio.
Classic ending.

Runners up: "Star Wars", "A Clockwork Orange" "The Searchers"

"Bringing up Baby" Kate Hepburn was just amazing.

"12 O'Clock High"

Spartacus. 1960

Watched this for the first time ever when I was in 8th grade Social Studies class. The teacher's point in having us watch this was that we should learn about the way that history is interpreted by Hollywood so that we could know the difference between real and memorex. Or something like that.

Basically the lesson came down to paying attention to real history versus revised history.

I've got Spartacus on VHS, LD, and DVD today because I seem to buy a new copy every time a new technology comes out.

Interestingly, I just found on wiki that Trumbo tried to portray Spartacus as some kind of early Roman communist, but that's not at all the brainwashing impression I take from the movie.

I can't think of any movies made before I was born that I really like that much.

The Third Man
Picture of Dorian Gray
Any Audrey Hepburn movie

Bringing Up Baby but I could go with Philadelphia Story also

OR Casablanca

Tough choice between comedy and drama.

Easy: Planet of The Apes (the original).

Born in 72.

The Manchurian Candidate or The Third Man.

Born in 1980,
Star Wars
Cool Hand Luke
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It's a tossup between Chinatown and The Maltese Falcon.

(Born in 1978)

1977 for me...

Just one?

Today, I'll say Arsenic and Old Lace

Young Frankenstein
The Godfather 1 & 2
Dr. Strangelove
The Producers
the Day the Earth Stood Still
War of the Worlds

The list goes on and on....

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One freaky movie, and I still love it.

Out of the Past
Cape Fear (The original, not that mess with DeNiro, which was made well after I was born, but I wouldn't have voted for it anyway)
High Noon

"Best Years of our Lives". I love that movie.

The Thin Man (all of them)

I'm starting to feel really old when people mention movies and I remember the release date! (Born in 1961).