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on and the seventh day, there was sex

Today is National Porn Sunday, sponsored by churches across the nation and brought to you by the world's number one Christian porn site.

So dress appropriately when you go to church today. And you might want to leave the kids home.

Today's hymn: bow-chicka-bow-wow.

I will now refrain from making a thousand jokes about sex in church.

Happy Porn Day, everyone. While some of you will go to church and talk about America's "dirty little secret" and whisper about the morals of people who just so happen to like the pornography, I'm going to download some of the free sex stuff and bask in the visuals of dirty, deviant sex afforded to me by this great land of the free, home of the brave where adults can still look at people having consensual sex without it being a crime.

I am part of America's dirty little secret.

Update: Help yourself to some porn from my favorite porn huckster. Yes, I know a porn huckster. And need I say NSFW?


I dunno,the nun thing never really did anything for me.Now,the Catholic school gitl thing is another thing altogether.You might say my thing has a thing for that thing.

National Porn Sunday? I guess it's like any other Sunday for me. Or Monday, or Tuesday or.....

See http://TheFuturum.com - you can send message to eternity there.

If I knew they were talking about porn, I might not have stopped going. So much for hellfire and brimstone.

Porn in the hands of an Angry God! good times.

Oh, maybe they have a point. I've wasted far to much of my life with porn. If I used the time I spent with those sites and mags on something productive like learning languages I'd be fluent in Spanish, French, German, C++, Java, Perl, and who knows what else. Oh well, that's time I'll never get back.

I was hoping Michele would make a comment about Vinny and the Jets.

Like I said when they signed days ago...don't count Vinny out just yet.

They were lucky, John. Tampa Bay was without Cadillac. And still the Jets lost on yard, passing and rushing. They had more turnovers than TB, too. I wouldn't call this a stellar comeback by any means.

Good points. Not a stellar comeback, as you say.

But he did go 13 for 19 with what one could call a weak offensive line.

Yes, there were some plays that luck pushed in their favor, but as a Jets fan you shouldn't be dissappointed in Vinny's performance. He did what they brought him in for, pitch inside the seconday for the short yardage.

And hey! A win's a win, yes?


unable to clap. check back in a few minutes!

Hmmm...was only able to check a few of the list out in the link. Is it a requirement now for pics to highlight women who don't have inner labia that show?