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A reminder about Boobies

Today is the last day of the Boobiethon. Head on over and give a couple of dollars for a very, very worthy cause.

If you end up being the 150th donor, you will receive access to the (uncovered) pay-per-boobies page regardless of the donation amount

I finally submitted my twins today. For the first time, I went uncovered.

boobie-thon 2005

Thanks to Robyn and crew for raising money once again for the Susan B. Komen foundation. It takes a lot of work to make these fund drives work and these gals and guys have pulled it off successfully each year.



Hey, it worked! I can comment again! I just have to use evil Microsoft.

Now I have to think of something to say. Hmmm..

This is me commenting with Firefox.

What's your problem with the comments, sorta?

I emailed you about it a few weeks back. Every time I submitted a comment here it said I was forbidden. Damned AOL. I'll just have to open IE or Firefox when I come here. In fact, considering Dean's World breaks frames when I read it in AOL I might as well just move lock, stock and barrel to Firefox. No point in sticking with AOL when it screws up two of my favourite blogs.

p.s. considering that I forgot about the problem and just tried to post this comment in AOL, I think that sealed the deal. Goodbye AOL.

"I might as well just move lock, stock and barrel to Firefox."


Ha! A fair point, but it's always been so simple to use AOL. It's a family computer and the shortcuts make it too easy to log on to evil. I tend to live by the path of least resistance rule :)

I don't suppose we're gonna be clued in on which ones are yours, eh?

Hey don't look at me like that, I donated!

I'd forgotten about the darn thing until an hour ago, and rushed in, cash (or, more precisely, Visa) in hand.

Which means I've actually seen these twins, which I suppose means I can die happy.

Martin, you can only see mine if you donated enough to get into the "uncovered" part of the site. And then I'll tell you which is mine, for being so generous.

Awww damn. I gave $25, which was $25 too short to access the "pay-per-boobies" page. Now they're not accepting any more donations for the year. Argh!