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The Evening QOD

[as I steal yet another survey question from fark]

DeNiro or Pacino?


Pacino...DeNiro was butt ugly when he was young and he's butt ugly now...however, DeNiro IS the better actor.



No contest.


DeNiro hasn't been in a good movie since Casino, so I gotta go Pacino.

DeNiro hasn't been in a good movie since Casino, so I gotta go Pacino.

I guess you missed Heat, Wag The Dog, Jackie Brown, Cop Land and Ronin.

It's DeNiro. Easily. All you have to see is that scene in Heat where they both share the screen for the first time. DeNiro exude's cool.

Has Pacino done a movie lately where he doesn't start screaming at the top of his lungs?

Oh man...thats harsh...why don't you pick two of my favourite actors and ask me to choose ?

I think people stop having to look at recent stuff and take the body of work as a whole.

Too many classic. Too many great roles. Too many great lines.

I can't do this. Sorry.

DeNiro. When younger, DeNiro did amazing things. Pacino was good, but never quite as good. Now, though...Pacino is unwatchable to me. He keeps doing that over-the-top Heat character in every movie and he makes me crazy with it.

DeNiro is resting on his laurels too, but his body of work is so much more varied and his performances so engrossing I think he wins.

DeNiro, even if he soiled himself with Meet the Parents parts I - IV.

DeNiro. If for nothing else, then for his appearance in "Brazil". :)

Like them both but I gotta go with DeNiro. Pacino's been just walking through most of his movies in the past 10 years.

DeNiro hands down. A good read is Charles Grodin's first book where he describes working with DeNiro on 'Midnight Run",hilarious stuff.

If we're talking about the better actor, then it's DeNiro.

But there's something about Pacino's voice when raised to a hysterical hyena yell that I find just so damned FUN. I wish I could stomp around screaming bloody murder like I'm the cock of the walk and get paid for it.

De Niro, but that's because of my genetically ordained WASP predisposition to respect quiet self-control over furious bluster.

I will here claim that Pacino never portrayed a more frightening character than Michael Corleone--quiet, sincere, controlled, and bad to know.


Pacino has nothing left in him. He chews up scenery like a Langolier.

A perfect example of DeNiro's amazing talent was in 'Mad Dog and Glory.' It seemed like he made himself shrink and he was able to make Bill Murray look big and scary. I just don't think Pacino could pull something like that off.

absolutely DeNiro. I can't even stand to be in the same room with Pacino on the screen anymore.

Pacino told DeNiro that if he wanted the title of better actor, he would have to RIP it out of his TA-LONS!

Pacino has two of the greatest performances not to win an Oscar: Godfather II and Dog Day Afternoon.

In fact, his performances in Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Godfather II, and Panic in Needle Park (and, in some ways, Scarface) are some of the best performances by an American actor ever.

Similarly, DeNiro's performances in Taxi Driver is pitch perfect, as is his Raging Bull performance. And his most underrated performance is in Midnight Run -- one of the best films of the last 20 years.

It's a wash. DeNiro, by being more prolific lately, has done the better films (Jackie Brown, Copland); but anybody who watches Pacino in the seventies knows the man can act. And Glengarry was a nice piece of work -- a well-deserved Oscar win.

Or wait, He won the Oscar for Scent of a Woman, didn't he? Not Glengarry?


My favorite Pacino performance is in And Justice for All.

DeNiro or Pacino?

I never could keep up with all the types of pasta.

I think both actors are pretty much washed up. Look at De Niro's recent track record: Hide and Seek, Meet the Fockers, Shark Tale, Godsend, Analyze That, Showtime, 15 Minutes. Pacino's recent work has been better, but only slightly. Neither has made a movie worth talking about since Heat, and that was in 1995.

And yet, Pacino will always be a god to me for his Michael Corleone and Tony Montana. And I guess Serpico and Donnie Brasco.