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Changes to Fictional Band Poll
[Someone call Al Gore]

After much consultation with various experts in the field, the Blues Brothers have been taken off the Best Fictional Band poll.

Please revote accordingly.

[this poll has been completed] See Hall of Fame link below for winner.


I can't believe you caved.

How come? Just curious. Not a big deal. Was it determined they were not fictional?

Yes, that was the determination. A consensus was reached. I did not come about this decision on a whim.

Still no Partridge Family? Maaaan, there ain't no justice. Sniff sniff.

You got a guy like Duck Dunn & Co. standing behind fucking Adam Sandler, you STILL can't call the band fake.

You could put Timmy the Cripple from South PArk in front of the Blues Brothers Band they would KILL!

I am surprised no one nominated Milli Vanilli. :D

(Think about it.)


If you want to get technical, then you should take off Otis Day and the Knights. They may have started out fictional, but became a real band after the movie was released.


What about Spinal Tap?! They were completely fictional, even if they are still touring today.

I can't get the "view other" link to work. I entered "Dingoes Ate My Baby," but I can't see if anyone else agreed with me.


1) Thank you for pulling BB.

2) I would not put Spinal Tap in there, as they are a real band. Sure the characters are ficitional but they still tour, make music, etc...

Is 'Bucket Head' a fictional guitarist, Slash, Edge?? These are personas, aliases, etc...the talent and chops are still there.

Now Cherry Bomb from Howard the Duck, THAT is a fictional band, HOT yes but no talent.....

wtrf about Danger Kitty!!!! God damn it! I damn a recount!!!
yes I am drunk...who cares...!!! I love you michelle.... I will really regret this in the morning.