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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Fictional Finalists
New Categories:
Soundtracks and Movie Songs

Poll has been moved to the post above this one.

New category: Soundtracks. But, with an added bonus. Not only do I want you to nominate ROCK soundtracks (please keep in mind that this is a ROCK hall of fame and your disco/classical /other soundtracks are of no importance here) but I want you to also nominate a song: best use of a rock song in a movie. Your song does NOT have to be from the soundtrack you nominate, nor do you have to vote on both if you don't want to.

[added: for the purpose of this hall of fame, rock and roll can be defined as any music that falls into any of the genres of music that pertain in any way to rock, those being, and this is not a full list,: rock, metal, new wave, death metal, thrash metal, hard rock, grunge rock, techno, industrial, hair metal, classic rock, cock rock, etc. - I think you get it)


I'll start you off by nominating the Spawn soundtrack, for its amazing mix of metal and techno (Slayer and Atari Teenage Riot together at last!). I have listened to that CD, without exagerration, at least 1,000 times.

Also, the Singles soundtrack needs to be noted. It's everything good that came out Seattle without the crap. Listening to Chris Cornell sings Seasons can make me melt into a puddle of goo.

To be updated.

Also: Detroit Rock City. The ultiimate head banging soundtrack.


I don't think they actually packaged a soundtrack, but the music in Grosse Pointe Blank was almost perfect.

Two soundtracks come to mind that I still listen to a lot. Rushmore and Singles. to me singles is the definitive soundtrack. It has a classic Alice song and lots of b-side type songs from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins. A lot of people dig the Mother Love Bone, but Breath gets me every time.

Rushmore is a case of the perfect use of music in a film. Case in point: A Quick One While He's Away as my nominee for best rock song usage in a movie. The building of tension between Max and Mr. Blume goes perfectly with the tension of the song. Here comes Ivar the engine driver!

Matt, they did put a GPB soundtrack out:

1. Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
2. Rudie Can't Fail - Clash
3. Mirror In The Bathroom - English Beat
4. Under Pressure - David Bowie,
5. I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash
6. Live & Let Die - Guns N' Roses
7. We Care A Lot - Faith No More
8. Pressure Drop - Specials
9. Absolute Beginners - Jam
10. Armagideon Time - Clash
11. El Matador - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
12. Let My Love Open The Door (E. Cola Mix) - Pete Townshend
13. Blister 2000 - Violent Femmes

That's a pretty decent track listing.

OK, Michelle made my point for me, game over. Any director brilliant enough to use Rudie Can't Fail deserves to win.

And why the hell they put GNR in the soundtrackI'll never know. Listening to Axl Rose assault my ears with a WINGS COVER is just beyond the pale.


Grosse Point Blank was a terrific sound track. For best use of a rock song in a movie, however, I've got to go with Coppola's use of The Door's "The End" in the opening sequence of "Appocalypse Now." Chilling.

I have to call your poll off a little. The Blue Brothers is not a fictional band, they are real and performed originally before the movies and still perform in some form today. While the frontmen may be ficitional the band is full of talented and storied musicians.

As a side note, I did see them perform back in the day and they were definatly real.

I'm gonna have to nominate the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack.

AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Megadeth, Queensryche, Anthrax, Cypress Hill, etc.


Christiane F. - Bowie

1. V-2 Schneider
2. TVC 15
3. Heroes/Helden
4. Boys Keep Swinging
5. Sense Of Doubt
6. Station To Station
7. Look Back In Anger
8. Stay
9. Warzawa

Best Use of Music - Heroes/Helden - great song, what's amazing is how the Wallflowers could suck the life out of that song up in 'Godzilla'


Bryans, see the original post for this, where one of the criteria stated was:

Bands that may have ended up "real" but got their start as fictional bands count

Jake and Elwood blues definitely started off as fictional characters.

Second the "Last Action Hero"

Also, "Wayne's World" (Tia Carrera doing "Ballroom Blitz" just Rawwwks! and the Black Sabbath song, "Time Machine" with Ronnie James is classic.

and lastly, the ultimate rock meets rap soundtrack; "Judgement Night" Biohazard & Onyx, Living Colour & Run D.M.C., Slayer & Ice-T... it's on!!!

if you would allow a non-rock, I'd definately say "The Matrix" (the first one)... no other movie soundtrack has captured mood and feel the way that one did... the second and third one were sorely disappointing, though.

Another suggestion for category; multi-genre song, album or pairing.

Wow. This is weird. I have no reason to fib, but when I saw the category of Best Rock Song Usage In A Movie, I immediately thought of Joe Walsh's 'In The City' at the end of 'The Warriors.' Then I scrolled down and saw your Warriors post.

Anyway, that's my choice for that category.

As for best rock soundtrack, how many people remember the movie 'Trick or Treat'? It's the one with Marc Price, the same guy who played Skippy on Family Ties. The soundtrack was done completely by the band Fastway and it rules.

Best Soundtrack - Heavy Metal

Best use of a rock song - Fuckin' in the Bushes by Oasis, used in the movie Snatch.

JIm, how is The Matrix soundtrack not rock?

1. Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson
2. Spybreak - Propellerheads
3. Bad Blood - Ministry c
4. Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) - Rob D
5. Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto
6. Leave You Far Behind - Lunatic Calm
7. Mindfields - Prodigy
8. Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) - Rob Zombie
9. My Own Summer (Shove It) -
10. Ultrasonic Sound - Hive
11. Look To Your Orb For the Warning - Monster Magnet
12. Du Hast - Rammstein
13. Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine

another great track listing.

The best rock movue soundtrack of all time? Biggles: Adventures in time, of course. God, I love the 80's. Best rock song in a movie? "The Time Warp", from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dazed and Confused
Orange County
The Crow
Billy Elliot

One of my favourite soundtracks is French Kiss but it's not rock. Can't think of song/movie suggestion right now. Maybe later.

Singles, Judgement Night(My highschool football team lived by that soundtrack), and Spawn, All awesome soundtracks.

I'll have to go with the recurring use of the intro to seasons in Singles though as one of the best uses of a song in a movie, set the mood fore those scenes well.

Got throw this on out there too, as far as a metal soundtrack, Strangland was great, the use of Awake by the clay people where the girl's having the nightmare is perfect.(the same song was also used on the Universal Soldier 2 soundtrack with the chase scene on the boats, another bad movie with a great soundtrack.)

Rock soundtrack: The Crow has a KICK ASS soundtrack that I listen to to this day.

Best use of a rock song in a movie: Hmm... does the use of "Stuck in the Middle With You" in Reservoir Dogs count?

Best Soundtrack (Ever): Heavy Metal

Runner-Up: The Crow

I'm feeling pro-Queen today, so I'll nominate the Flash Gordon soundtrack for the first category, and 'Don't Stop Me Now' from Shaun of the Dead for the second.


OK, since nobody's brought it up yet, you have to give mad props to the soundtrack from Repo Man.

1. Repo Man - Iggy Pop
2. TV Party - Black Flag
3. Istitutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies
4. Coup D'Etat - The Circle Jerks
5. El Clavo Y La Cruz - The Plugz
6. Pablo Picasso - Burning Sensations
7. Let's Have A War - Fear
8. When The Shit Hits The Fan - The Circle Jerks
9. Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) - The Plugz
10. Bad Man - Juicy Bananas
11. Reel Ten - The Plugz

I've worn several copies of this out.

Two great uses of a song are:

Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sitta in Disturbing Behavior
Semisonic's F.N.T from The Long Kiss Goodnight

The two most affecting instances of songs in movies for me have been

Elliot Smith's Needle in the Hay in Royal Tenenbaums when Luke Wilson attempts suicide


The Pixies Where is My Mind at the end of Fight Club.

As far as a soundtrack goes, The Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack was pretty killer. A bar by me used to have it on the jukebox. Alas, they made the move to one of those new-fangled Internet jukeboxes that costs an arm and a leg.

Rocky Horror Picture Show for soundtrack. You can play that sucker and watch the movie unfurl in your mind's eye.

And "Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul" is an all time killer tune that can blow the roof off of any bar without anybody knowing where it came from.

Ahhh, I'm not voting on fictional bands because the PARTRIDGE FAMILY did not make the finals. I think they had at least as many nominations as the Archies.



Joe Dirt
The Doors
Waynes World
The Big Chill

Stealer's Wheels - Stuck in the Middle With You in Resevoir Dogs when that dude cuts the cop's ear off. Sweet.

The Judgement Night soundtrack gets my nod. Mixing rock and rap with a higher success rate than most bands could ever hope for. "Another Body Murdered" is fantastic. "When the Shit Hits the Fan" by the Circle Jerks in Repo Man gets my "best use" vote. It's all about the lounge version.

No, The Matrix soundtrack wasn't a rock soundtrack. Having four rock songs and nine techno songs doesn't tip the scales. It was great, sure, but totally ineligible for this category.

That being said, my votes are

Soundtrack: Queen of the Damned, Scream 3, The Crow, Easy Rider

Movie Song: "Sympathy for the Devil", covered by G'n'R at the end of Interview with the Vampire. Perfect sendoff to that film.

. It was great, sure, but totally ineligible for this category.

I'm the one making the rules here. If I say it counts, it counts.

I'll nominate the soundtrack from The Saint, which fit the movie well and has a great mix of different rock genres. As for best use of rock song in a soundtrack, I'll have to think about it.

The Saint track list:

1. The Saint Theme - Orbital
2. 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit) - Sneaker Pimps
3. Oil 1 - Moby
4. Atom Bomb - Fluke
5. Roses Fade (Mojo Mix) - Luscious Jackson
6. Setting Sun (Instrumental) - The Chemical Brothers
7. Pearl's Girl - Underworld
8. Out Of My Mind - Duran Duran
9. Da Funk - Daft Punk
10. Dead Man Walking - David Bowie
11. Polaroid Millenium - Superior
12. A Dream Within A Dream - Dreadzone
13. In The Absence Of Sun - Duncan Sheik
14. Before Today - Everything But The Girl

I can't believe that Queen got mentioned and no one's thrown in the soundtrack for "Highlander." A vote for that.

Grosse Point Blank, great movie, great soundtrack.

Jesus Christ Superstar.

LUV Heavy Metal, but it may have been because I was completely loaded every time I saw it.

Same goes for Rocky Horror.

Okay, absolute crap movie but loved the soundtrac: Liquid Sky.

Best use of song.

Guns and Roses in one of the Terminator movies where Ahnold is carrying a shotgun in a box of roses.

Don't you Forget about Me from "The Breakfast Club"

Twist and Shout from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Best use of song? Easy. "The Touch" as Hot Rod becomes his destiny as Rodimus Prime.

I have to say that the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas soundtrack was one of my all time favorites.

I guess I stand corrected.. although, I was with Martin on that one and would have previously called it a techno (more accurately, industrial) soundtrack... but OK, now you've taken away my vote for the others that I would have wanted... particularly Shocker, so we MUST have this category again... and again.... and, well.. you get the point.

I'll second Jesus Christ Superstar. It was required playing at all gatherings of 3 or more people in my senior year. It caused a commotion similar to The Passion of the Christ in its day.

I also want to mention Hair. If memory serves me (and it is probably wrong) but I think it was the first soundtrack acknowledged as being Rock.

Rock & Roll High School

Nothing but the Ramones the entire movie.

I like XXX, mostly beacuse it starts with Rammstein and Pulp Fiction because its funky. Saving Silverman is fun, but Neil Diamond probably don't count!

Grosse Pointe Blank (or High Fidellty or Say Anything - something about Cusack movies...)
Valley Girl (INXS, Modern English and the Plimsouls in one film - hard to beat in my book)
The Commitments (mostly 'cause I voted for them in the Fake Band category too - lots of great soul...)


Office Space.

"damn it feel good to be a gangsta" the getto boys.

The greatest moment ever.

just try it tomorrow and see how your day goes.

The best use of a song in a movie is "In Your Eyes", by Peter Gabriel, in "Say Anything". But that might not be rock.

If that doesn't qualify, then I'll go with "Under the Milky Way" by The Church, in "Donnie Darko". It plays during the party scene when he sees all the "future trails" wandering all over the house.

But hell, I'm nominating that movie for best rock soundtrack anyway. Besides, John Cusack kicks ass so that's +1 star right there.:

1. All For Love (Nancy Wilson)
2. Cult of Personality (Living Colour)
3. One Big Rush (Joe Satriani)
4. You Want It (Cheap Trick)
5. Taste the Pain (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
6. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
7. Stripped (Depeche Mode)
8. Skankin' to the Beat (Fishbone)
9. Within Your Reach (The Replacements)
10. Keeping the Dream Alive (Freiheit)

soundtrack: Heavy Metal

song: Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars - B.O.C.

"Maximum Overdrive"

1. Who Made Who AC/DC
2. You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
3. D.T. AC/DC
4. Sink the Pink AC/DC
5. Ride On AC/DC
6. Hells Bells AC/DC
7. Shake Your Foundations AC/DC
8. Chase the Ace AC/DC
9. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) AC/DC

And I heard that all the incidental music was also written by AC/DC

For best rock song use in a movie, how about the Rage Against the Machine song in Higher Learning? When Remy is releasing all his pent-up anger on his room, because he's too weak and skinny to actually fight anyone - that song was perfect in that scene.

You monkeys are talking about compilation albums....
Fuck You! I don't care who the hell was on the bill..what did it do FOR the flick?

Best soundtrack for a rock film?


It made the movie... which is great because the storyline didn't.

So glad someone already said The Big Chill, so I can take some comfort in not being alone here for a change.

Best use of a song -- not even a close call -- Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne's World. Come on -- you can't possibly say no to that!!!!! I can't even believe no one said it already.

PCU. Original music by Steve Vai, with some pursuit scene music that will have your air guitar in tune in no time flat, followed up with some Old Skool Clinton. Awesome.

"Crossroads" the non Britney one.
Ry Cooder, Steve Vai, excellent!

"Orgazmo" has a surprisingly good soundtrack considering how low-budget the whole thing was. I mean, can anyone actually resist "Now You're A Man?"

I'll second Highlander for best soundtrack. After all, who wants to live forever?

For best use of a rock song in a movie, I'll second In Your Eyes from Say Anything.