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That was a close one

As you all know, I have no love for the Beatles, so I was pleased as punch (and how pleased can punch be, really?) that when I went to close the poll, the standings looked like this:


sabbath bloody sabbath

I'm leaving the nominations on the fictional band thing open for a while, as that's going pretty good.

What should the next category be? Remember, it can be for a band/artist, a song, an album, an individual accomplishment or, really, just about anything goofy your imagination can come up with.


"Best B-side of single" for those that remember 45s
Best sophomore album
Best producer

Best colored/art vinyl

Best Bass Line in A Rock Song

Best Album You Ever Swiped

Best Lungs/ Best Scream

Best band name
Best unreleased album track
Best solo of an instrument that isn't drums, piano, or guitar.

Best Album Produced In a Chicken Coop
---- my nominee - Beatles White Album

Most Under-Appreciated Band / Artist -
--- For that band which gets no respect, but should finally have some.

Best codpiece

Best Rocker/Band who actually managed to die before they got old

Best British Heavy Metal Band

Best Seattle Band (and it has to be a band, no Hendrix)

Spd rdr:
"Best Bass Line"?
It's over. "The Real Me" by John Entwhistle. Just ask anyone ever tried nailing down that thing...it's all over the place.

Good choice, TC. Entwhistle was alsways my favorite.

Entwhistles probably it for all rock and roll, but for solos, you could do worse than Jaco Pastorius' bass solo on Ian Hunter's All American Alien Boy.