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the worst automotive fad(s) of the 21st century

The spinning hubcap.

All kinds of stupid, not to mention unecessary. Hey, thanks for making me think your car is in motion when it's not, asswipe. Yea, those spinning wheels look phat, dude. I bet your teeny dick doesn't spin like that, huh?

Goes right up there with colored headlights. Yes, people have colored headlights. They are annoying. Not to mention stupid and unecessary. I bet your teeny dick doesn't glow blue like that, huh?

And while I'm here: Anyone who has a CD hanging from their rear view mirror should punch themselves in the face Immediately. Thanks for blinding me, dickface.

I feel better now, thanks.


Can I add one? Pleeeeease?

Those magnetic bullet hole stick-on appliqu├ęs. Most of the cars I've seen with those should be shot. What's the problem, dude? Didn't have the courage to put your wheels out of my misery, so you decided to fake it instead?

I dunno. The big, plastic nutsacks idiots hang off their trucks has to be up there somewhere...

My least favorite auto fad is jacking up your truck so high and putting on gigantic wheels so that you need a step ladder to get in. I guess some people like the feeling of power that goes with driving high and lifted up above all the other drivers.

Hey! Those nutsacks crack me up!--at least they're better than the propellers.

Worst thing ever? Idiots who buy wider rims, but don't budget for wider tires. Here in Los Angeles, the gang bangers all seem to have wide rims with narrow tread, and it looks like the tire bead could implode in the midst of even the most gentle turn. I mean, picture the tire bead being spread wider than the tread. Ridiculous.

If I may... how 'bout those jackholes who hang little crystals from their rear-view mirrors? Nothing like a sudden blue or red flash from the car behind you to make you think -- for a split second, but that's still too long -- that a cop just turned on his lights.

If there was ever a topic at ASV for me, this is it. As a car guy, I have a lengthy list of complaints:
Those cheezy-ass 'Altezza' or 'Euro' taillights.
Big spoilers on the back of front-wheel drive cars. not only does it make absolutley no sense, but it looks like a picnic bench.
Vinyl decals that run up and down and back and forth.
Loud tailpipes. A loud tailpipe does not make your car more powerful. IT just makes the urge to shoot you more powerful.
Ugly bodykits.
People who buy the ugly bodykits but don't budget for paint, so they drive around with unpainted fiberglass bumpers and sideskirts. You idiots.
Cars lowered so far as to make them dangerous to drive. People think suspension is so simple.
Neon lights and strobe lights have no business being on or in your car.

I'm glad I am not the only one that thinks spinners look stupid. I'm also with shank about lowering cars. That has got to be the stupidest thing I ever saw - one of the guys I went to high school with had a pickup truck lowered to the point he had to go like 1mph to pull into and out of McDonald's. Dumbass. You just don't lower a truck. It's like smashing a perfectly good guitar.

Mark, They actually do that on purpose. It's a Cholo thing.

I second the truck-nuts.

And add the brahma-bull on the door with about $200 of Kragen accessory lights, reflectors, rainbow tape and door edge guards on a rusty 68 F150.

Just wait until they start appearing on wheelchairs.

I live in "spinner" City (Detroit.) Not only are they kinda stupid, but they are (often) REALLY REALLY expensive. You want to talk about how many people (who live in the hood) have those very expensive wheels on their car?

Megawatt bass tubes. Hate those things. Also I really hate those ultrabright tightly focused headlights. Hey, thanks for making my rearview mirrors useless and giving me a migraine.

Yea, I hate those blue head lights too, mostly because they seem to "draw the eye". Your post was so honest that quite frankly I can hardly believe your a girl. Want to get married? Girls around here come in three varieties: religious nutcases, opinion less morons, and caddy gossip queens.

Ditto to all of the above, and I have an addition to the dropped cars thing. I've seen SUV's dropped, and compact cars raised. HELLO?!?! Just buy the car that corresponds to the height you want!! WTF?!?

"Loud tailpipes. A loud tailpipe does not make your car more powerful. IT just makes the urge to shoot you more powerful."

lol. Now that's classic.

You wouldn't happen to be a city-boy, would you, Jake?

Some of us really have a use for the extra tread & clearance that comes with a bonafide lift kit (not a "body lift" mind you--properly elevating and reinforcing the suspension).

Also tends to help you make friends when it snows, but that's another story.

The spinning hubcap truly does take this honor, but if you rolled back to last century, I'd have to vote for curb feelers & those damned "crown" air freshners.


I think Jake is talking about the top-heavy wannabe monster trucks rolling over on the freeway off ramps or whenever they need to take evasive action.

We're not talking about extra tread or ground clearance here. We're talking about the ridiculous. The kind of thing you don't want to be near if there's any kind of incline in your path.

ha! you almost killed me!

Tia Juana taxi horns, fuzzy dice, little rainbow stickers on the back windows, 20-inch spoked rims, velour upholstery, cutting coils out of springs to lower the car, Gabriel Hi-Jackers, tinted windows, restored VW Bugs, twin-turbos on Honda Civics, replica Cobras, coffee can-shaped mufflers, neon wheel wells,etc., I'm stopping because I'm just getting even more aggravated.

If you're too cheap to pay for actual colored headlights, I saw some little colored condoms that you can stick over the bulbs to make them colored. I imagined them either melting, or bursting into flames. You see some great stuff in truck stops.

thanx for making me laugh mark


Is there any rationale for doing that? Seriously, I can't think of any reason for it, and it's gotta be a sucky, tractionless, ride. And it looks idiotic.

Spinners, top notch of the most hated vehicle accessories. It's the grown-up (I use the term loosley) equivilant of the streamers on the handlebars. It always cracks me up to see a G'd up Escalade parked in an Apartment complex.

The driver pays more in car payments than in rent.

Loud tailpipes are the devils harmonica. I'd like to exorcise them from the world.

Jake: A surprising number of people with super-raised trucks and giant tires do that for an actual reason - that they like driving through mud or over giant rocks, for fun.

I mean, the ridiculous expense and difficulty in daily driving make that a whole different proposition from stupid hubcaps (even if spinners are expensive, they're cheap compared to those insanely large tires) and decor.

Oh, and the only thing that should have a loud tailpipe is a motorcycle, and then only to keep idiots from changing lanes into the cyclist.

Mark, you got me. It's out of fashion now, but when I was growing up, the homies would basically brag about who got the smallest tire on the biggest rim. Best thing was, if the rim was'nt lower than the shock mount, when they'd blow the tire it was all sparks and grind marks on the gas tank of the ol Impala. Watched one guy lose his whole gas tank going across some RR tracks once. It was great.

Ummm... just for point of reference, most of the supposedly 'blue' lights, particualrly on more recent vehicles are see as blue not because the lens is colored, but rather, becasue the light itself has a LACK of color.

Ya see, most incandecent lights, including most headlights, tilt a bit toward the yellow side. Not these; they're brighter in the shorter wavelengths,a nd so will often LOOK blue.

And then too, the projector type lenses will often give the impression of being bluer than the light really is at it's apex, when viewed off-center.

This is not to say that there are not a goodly number of cheaper imitation bulbs out there that actually blue-filter; That's another matter.

I'm simply saying that there's a reason behind the REAL ones that doesn't involve fashion.

That said, there are a number of makers out there, that

Loud tailpipes. A loud tailpipe does not make your car more powerful.

Again, factually incorrect to a large extent. Less pipe resistance to exhaust flow makes more horsepower. It's that simple. Of course, there's a point of diminished returns, but that's another matter. THe key is greater efficiency. Less horsepower pushing the air through that pipe means more horsepower, and also means more MPG. Kinda nice, actually.

In my case, with my Safari van, the MPG went up around 3mpg when I went to the lower restriction intake and exhaust. 21mpg in an AWD conversion van ain;'t hay.

Thank you! Someone else who CANNOT STAND those damned spinner wheels.

I've had one too many fake-outs at cross-streets with a stop sign to ever think those are a good idea.

Besides - if you're spendin' more on your car than you are on your kids (or whatever), you've got a serious case of mucked up priorities.

And I also hate the 1 million candlepower blind-the-other-drivers headlights. How does it make you safer to be on the road if you can see, but everyone who is in the oncoming lane is temporarily blinded?

I have not seen the truck nutsacks...I guess down here in Bible Belt country they're verboten. The idea sort of amuses me though.

And the CD from the rearview mirror? There's an urban legend (disproven) that it somehow befuddles radar and thus makes you "invisible" to the cops when you speed. (Like I said, that IS NOT TRUE. It's just one of those stupid things that someone's friend tells them and then they start doing it and it spreads like a virus without anyone stopping to think critically or test if it actually works).

(there's also an urban legend claiming coating your car in tinfoil will also defeat radar, but I don't see anyone doing THAT.)

Bithead is right.

Also, anyone who's shopped for nice cars will know that the "blue" headlights are a nice, expensive, factory option. They're amazing high-end lights (not gimmicks), and they illuminate better than the old incandescent lights most of us use. Illumination is the key to safety.

They're amazing high-end lights (not gimmicks), and they illuminate better than the old incandescent lights most of us use.

They're also the equivalent to using your brights ALL THE TIME. Yeah, thanks for spending your money blinding me.