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the best half hour on tv will be gone soon and it's YOUR* fault!

It's a damn shame when a show like Arrested Development is cancelled, brought back, put in a terrible time slot and will probably be cancelled again and a stupid, low-brow, unfunny, derivative, asstastic, poorly written, horribly acted, UNFUNNYX2 piece of craptastic shit like War at Home gets a prime time slot AND good ratings and will probably be renewed.

What the fuck is wrong with you, America*?

*and by America (and you*), I mean people who think that a plot like "my teenage daughter gave her boyfriend a blowjob and didn't get anything in return" is quality television or people who think tihs is what passes for good acting and writing. I liked this show better the first time, when it was called Grounded for Life, and even then, only before it moved to WB.

Oh, and Scott Baio was on AD tonight. Scott FUCKING Baio. That's right.


Sorry, Michele.

You forgot to tell me the show existed. And when and where. Had I known about it, my Nielson box would have been tuned in full time.

Arrested Development always looked like it really didn't belong on Fox anyway. It reminded me of an HBO comedy (i.e., GOOD).

Count yourself lucky you are seeing it at all. In this TV backwater, we are a season and a half behind in Scrubs (Which they show after 11pm in non-ratings season, sometimes), we've only seen 3/4 of season 1 of AD (which they put on after Scrubs in non ratings-season), and they waited (oh, this is good) 4 FUCKING YEARS between showing series 1 and 2 of Family Guy (series 2 they showed at 11 in the morning last January and I only knew it was on because I was on holiday).

EVIL AUSTRALIAN LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR TV NAZI BASTARDS !!! God bless bit torrent! I will not be defeated !!!

p.s downside to this is that the wife requests Gilmore Girls, but this gets me 1 hour free uninterrupted PC gaming bliss.

Sorry- I will bear the blame. I've really lost interest in the whole "half-hour sitcom" genre. I watch three shows, in total. I'm not a tv snob - honestly, I've always loved it. It just hasn't rocked my world in a while.

Please note the small print. thanksokbye.

Bigger fish to fry....what about those Packers

All I can tell you is that UFC was on all night on Spike so I wasn't paying attention to anything else. Guys beating the hell out of each other, that's entertainment.

FOX lost me when it called a sitcom "The War at Home" and debuted in on September 11. I mean, really.

Arrested Development is such a great show, I guess we're lucky it ever got on the air in the first place. Maybe someone else will pick it up if Fox pulls the plug.

Unfortunately, the existence of 200 channels doesn't seem to have changed the dynamic of lowest common-denominator entertainment very much...

All TV sucks.
Buy a dvd player.

I'm saving my TV credits for Wednesday night.

"All TV sucks.
Buy a dvd player."

So we can watch what? Older tv shows and movies?

Personally I'd rather watch a new episode of Arrested Development than the DVD of Dynasty or Chico & the Man any day.

FOX executives wouldn't know a good show if it hit them in the face.

Yes, and Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw. Are the producers of AD trying to reunite the Happy Days gang as attorneys? Maybe the next one, before cancellation, will be the guy who played Ponzie.


In the land of savage capitalism, maybe the rest of us didn't find the show particularly funny or interesting. Is Ponzie a unknown clone of Potsie and Fonzie?

I watch it. I swear. And I laugh and laugh. It's a brillant show. Fox never gives shows a chance.
Maybe it will be picked up by a good channel.

I am SO mad that I missed AD last night! That show is so awesome. I try to people but they watch it and don't get it. I hope that if FOX does cancel it, it will at least find a good home on cable, even though I don't have cable.
The War at Home is so terrible. I wanted to sock myself in the face when I watched it. Too bad because I enjoy Michael Rapaport even though I can never really remember his name without looking it up.

"It's pronounced "anALrapist!"

Can I tell you how PISSED OFF I am that AD was shoved off to Monday nights? I have a class on Monday nights, and thus get to miss one of my favorite shows every week.

My Sunday nights now go:

8:00 Simpsons
8:30 A Book. Any Book. Just turn that crap off.
9:00 Family Guy

Oh how I love Arrested Development. Looking forward to the season 2 DVD release so I can rewatch it and so the roommate can catch up. I know they picked the damn show up for TWO MORE YEARS last year and I felt immensely happy. If they turn around and cancel it despite that pickup, I'm going to be beyond pissed. Easily the best comedy on TV, as far as I'm concerned.

If Fox does cancel it, it damn well better find itself another home. I'm thinking it would do great over on FX, and since Fox owns them too, surely that could be worked out.

And yeah, I almost died when they showed Tobias' business card.

Why the hell are people beating up on Fox on this particular issue? The fact that they've brought back AD for a second season, much less a third, is a miracle. I dearly love the show, but it will never be a mass success, and frankly Fox should get boatloads of credit for pissing away their money by keeping in on the air.