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An Ode to The Poet Laureate of Television

nipseyrussell.jpgNipsey Russell, actor
comedian and poet
passed away just yesterday
he was 80 but didn't show it

he made some movies like Wildcats
and he played Tinman in The Wiz
But he was the BEST on Match Game
he could rhyme like nobody's biz

Here's to you Mr.Russell
from a saddened fan
even though The Wiz really sucked
you were always the man


If you are going to say anything about Nipsey in the comments, you have to do it in rhyme.

Also, let's not forget that the B-52s immortalized Nipsey in song: Roam, Nipsey Russell, roam around the world....


I believe Chris Rock said it best on an album of his:
"I drink champagne when I do the Hustle,
I drink champagne with Nipsy Russel"

Nipsey Russell has passed on.
He's not passed out on the lawn.
Not passed GO, collect the cash,
He's dust-to-dust, he's ash-to-ash.

Farewell, Nipsey.

Nipsey Russell's
in the Big Pagoda
Keep an eye on
Abe Vigoda

One player had him.

And here's a rare confession: I saw him on Broadway.

Yes, that's admitting that I've breathed the foul air of the People's Republic of Manhattan on at least one occasion.

I'm rackin' my brain
to get on the train
to say Farewell
to Nipsey Russell.
Farewell, to a great old Rapper.

On TV Said With Glee
Topics This And That
To Tell The Truth, Big Salute
You Are One Fine Cat

Thank You Nipsey

I tried 3 times last night
to write a rhyme for Nipsey,
it's easier tonight,
cause I'm not quite so tipsy.

RIP Nipsey