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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Cover Version

So I've discovered through a slew of emails that you can't really do a best album cover thing without making room for the worst. Below are the finalists for the GOOD album covers.

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The Clash, London Calling; Stones, Exile on Main Street; Beatles, Sgt. Pepper; Pink Floyd, Animals; Led Zeppelin, House of the Holy.

Different rules for voting here: With each vote you make, you must also nominate a WORST album cover. BUT: because this is the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame, please nominate ONLY rock albums. None of that Julie's 16th Birthday crap.


I vote for London Calling.
In return for that privilege, I nominate
Oasis' "Be Here Now" as the worst cough "rock" album cover ever. I nkow it's going to have some serious competition, but the pretentiousness of that cover is only match by the music contained therein.

Whoa! I pasted the wrong bookmark!
Help me out Michele. I'm no link ho!

Here's the correct link to Oasis's "Be Here Now."

Best: London Calling.

Nomination for Worst: The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. Okay, fine, so the walrus was Paul. But did we really need to see the fuzzy animal costumes on the cover?

Best: London Calling

Worst: Kiss - Creatures of the Night

Best: Londong Calling

Worst: Rolling Stones' Goats Head Soup

I must admit, I'm not really enchanted with any of the finalists here. I'd much prefer something like Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" with the guy shaking hands with the guy on fire, or the Grateful Dead's "Europe '72" with the ice cream cone kid. Those are the sorts of album covers that really said "Rock and Roll" to me when I was a kid. If I had to pick one of these, I'd probably go with Exile on Main St., but I think both "Some Girls" and "Sticky Fingers" were better. "London Calling" is good, but loses points for me for being a parody rather than an original concept.

Worst album cover: Bat out of Hell. It was probably cool in the 70s, but it hasn't aged well.

Best: London Calling

Worst: Can I just choose the rest of the nominees?


The worst is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. They must have just been stuck on how freaking cool that 6th grade science experiment was.

Treading on thin ice, there, Matt... ;)

Judged purely as an artwork, I think Dark Side leaves a lot to be desired. As an album cover, though, I think it's great. It's simple, eye catching, and immediately identifiable.

The Clash, no doubt.

For worst, how about Michael Jackson's "Invincible".



I still wonder why people think 'Houses of The Holy' is a great album cover and I can't believe Iron Maiden didn't make the cut.

Anyway, these choices are kind of weak. I guess I'll go with London Calling.

I wouldn't call Dark Side of The Moon the worst. It's just boring.

The worst goes no further than Lennon/Ono's 'Two Virgins.' That's not just awful, it's almost criminal.


I'm sticking with STICKY FINGERS. Consider it a 'write-in?"


TWO VIRGINS by John and Yoko

House of the Holy.

Worst album cover:
Metallica's Black album. How ghey was that?

Best: London Calling
Worst: Two Virgins...running away screaming just remembering that hideous POS "art." And the cover stunk too.

Best - "Houses of the Holy"

Worst - Metallica Black. How black is it? None more black. So boring, after all the cool ones they had. Poor marketing move too - I mean, how are you supposed to put "black" on a black T-shirt!?!

Best: The Clash "London Calling" (although I still have a soft spot for Roger Dean and Yes)

Worst: y'all have seen this one, but it's SO bad, it's hilarious!

Man'o War "Anthology"

Best: ZZ Top Fandango

Worst: Blind Faith Kiddie Porn

Best: Pink Floyd, Animals. How can you not appreciate the majesty of the flying pig?

Worst: Stryken, First Strike. Somewhere between KISS and Frankenfurter. With a little Madonna.

Best: a tie between Jane's Addiction "Nothing Shocking" and Type-O-Negatives "World Coming Down"

Worst: Beatles "White Album"

Best: Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley
So good, the Clash completely ripped it off for London Calling.

Worst: Beatles White Album

Since it's between those 5 for best: Beatles "Sgt. Pepper"

Worst: I'll third Beatles "White Album"

I'm writing in my vote for best: Pantera's vulgar Display of Power. Simple yet effective.

Best: The Clash, London Calling.
Worst: Van Halen, Balance (it's disturbing and not in a good way)