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catch my fall

I tried to engage in some phototherapy today (to get out of a bitchy mood), but out of all the pictures I shot, only six made it to my flckr account. It's been that kind of day.

I was going for "signs that fall is here" though I got distracted by a shiny plane in the sky.

devil's rain corn If anyone can figure out why I call this one "Devil's Rain Corn" I will be your best friend forever.

moon over east meadow unfurled beneath the clear blue sky

life and death in the bush fall-3

fall-2 fall-1

This was my favorite of the bunch:


Go vote for album cover in the post below, nominations close in the a.m.

[What I failed to accomplish with phototherapy, I accomplished with steak, shrimp, Nick Cave and Captain Morgan]


In your youth your infatuation, love, lust for John Travolta began when you discovered the sweat hogs of Welcome Back Kotter. When John made his movie debut in Devil's Rain you were the first in line at the theater. Not willing to pay the high prices charged by the concession stand you stuffed a large bag of candy corns down your pants and thus you were able to "put one over on the man". The memories of this victory are memorialzed in the description"Devils Rain Corn".

You're definitely on the right track. In the right station, even. You're just missing the train by thismuch.

I'm guessing you stuffed them in your bra, rather than down your pants.


I just figured it was the same look as the melting scene from The Devils Rain. What do I know though.

Scott's my new best friend.

God love Captain Morgan.

That's all.