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Let's go, Indians!


Cleveland Chokes!! The only way they get into tie-breaker is if Boston loses AND Cleveland wins.

Now it's my turn...

I will hurl if this goes to a playoff. HURL.

Go White Sox.

Ya gotta admit, it would have been funny for all three to having the same record, resulting in TWO tie breaker games.

Funny? I would have been puking all over Solonor.

Congrats on a great late-season run.
But you ain't done with us yet.

Go White Sox??? Come on, Solonor have some faith in your own team, okay?!

I don't really care all that much about such things, but I am a bit confused.

The Yankees are 1 game ahead of the Red Sox.

They play again tomorrow.

If the Red Sox win, wouldn't they be tied?

Doesn't that make declaring the Yankees division champions a bit premature?

Never mind.

I found out here.

Did they win the title last year? What was that outcome?

I'm living with one of you now, pray for me.

Enjoy it while it lasts.... Angeles will beat 'em

Drew, I have to ask:

Were you living in a HOLE last year? I don't watch sports and even I knew about last year!

If you were being sarcastic, please ignore me.

I like the Yankees but I'm glad Boston made it to post-season. There are no games more exciting than Yankees vs Sox . Yankees vs Cleveland? Boooring.

Well, at least the Yanks will really bump up their frequent flier miles.

Maybe they'll get lucky and have to make a second trip to Anaheim for Game 5.