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game time

No voodoo, no Photoshops today. Just game talk.

I feel it in the air today. It's going to be a good one.

I will hurl if this goes to a playoff, by the way. HURL.

Side notes: I think this new design is temporary, as I'll be upgrading to MT 3.2 soon and I'll choose one of the nifty new styles - it will still be Halloweened theme, but I'm going back to two columns. I know how much this all interests you.

Also, the finalists poll for Rock Movie will be up after the game is over.


Fastball to Sheff? WTF

Lets just start serving up meatballs on Saturday. Thank God that this game is the least meaningful of the three this weekend.

I can't wait til Monday's game to decide who gets to play the White Sox or the Angles

Least meaningful?

While you may end up being correct about a Monday playoff game, this game is clearly meaningful by almost any metric.

A Cleveland loss would put the winner of today's game into the playoffs. A Cleveland loss would make Sunday's game the least meaningful between Sox & Yanks. You could argue that would make the Indians-Sox game more meaningful, although that doesn't reduce the impact of today's Bos-NY game for Bos-NY.

And these last two games are equally meaningful for Papi and A-rod in the MVP race.

And me. It's meaningful to ME, damn it!

Meaningful? I'll tell you what's meaningful: My hangover. Why did you let me comment drunk last night?

Good grief. Could Buck and McCarver mangle up the play-off permutations any worse?

I wish they would quit cutting to the Cleveland game. All I need is an update, godammit!

Back to the Boston game!

Oh, now the Cleveland announcer is gonna try to explain the play-offs. This is insufferable.

I retract...we got to watch Chicago hit a 3-run homer. Which is nice.