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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Winner and New Category:
Rock Movies


Well, who didn't see that coming? Well deserved, in my opinion.

And on we move to the next category, which is:


Rock movie can be several things: a movie about rock and roll (Rock and Roll High School), a movie whose plot revolves around rock and roll (Detroit Rock City), a rockumentary (Song Remains the Same) a fictional rockumentary (Spinal Tap), etc. Other examples include Almost Famous, The Kids Are Alright, Sid and Nancy, Some Kind of Monster and The Rutles. This is a wide open field. Have fun with it, interpret at will (that's why we have two voting posts on each category) and don't forget to include a short testimonial.


Spinal Tap, no doubt.

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Sid and Nancy
Spinal Tap
Roadhouse (lousy movie, but Jeff Healy was great)
Crossroads (not really rock until Steve Vai at the end)
Wayne's World
La Bamba

Since this is a wide-open category, I'll add:

Joe Dirt

For the sound track, the mullet, the cars and the general rock vibe.

SLC Punk

The Last Waltz

I thought "The Commitments" was quite good.

I quite liked Quadrophenia but not entirely certain if it fits this category. I always wanted to be a Mod, I love the image, but I grew up in Toronto during the 80's so I was a 'head banger' instead.

The Rose

St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

(Please don't vote for this, just wanted to get that out there)

I hope there won't be any Beatles or Elvis movies nominated. Groan.

Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus

Woodstock, the Movie

U2's Rattle & Hum

Phantom of the Paradise. The soundtrack has some of the best homages to various forms of rock going ('Upholstery' and 'Somebody Super Like You' being the best).

Oh, also: Moulan Rouge.

Doh! How could I have missed Tommy??? Or the Wall???

Good ones, Stephen.

Spinal Tap - it is the only about RnR

I'm gonna nominate an obscure one: Bad News Tour, a half-hour episode of The Comic Strip Presents.... Broadcast two years before Spinal Tap. Adrian Edmonson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson. A metal band called Bad News on tour in the UK.

Fucking great. Even more pathetic than Spinal Tap, if you can believe that.

Ditto "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

"Rocky Horror"

Spinal Tap
School of Rock
That Thing You Do!

Hard Days Night by Richard Lester

This was the precursor of all rock video and a terrific movie. If you haven't seen it..SEE IT!

"Streets Of Fire"


First Impression, right off the top of my head:
Jesus Christ Superstar

Second Guess:
Spinal Tap

Real, Deep Down personal Nominee:
SLC Punk

What is that Cucky Berry one with Kieth Richards? Hail, Hail Rock n Roll?

The Blues Brothers
Spinal Tap
The Last Waltz

Zappa's "200 Motels" comes to mind - but I was so out of it I can't remember anything about it.

On the other hand, every word of "Spinal Tap," is still stuck in my head. Gotta go with it.

Spinal Tap, because it's the only one that goes to 11.

My snarky vote goes to Back to the Future. Chuck Berry's cousin Marvin letting Chuck listen to Marty McFly's version of Chuck's music before Chuck composed it? Let's just say the mind does a mobius loop.

My true vote goes to Almost Famous. Best scene is the band on the bus singing Tiny Dancer. Awesome.

I realize this will totally invalidate my vote, but I'll be cheering on the Red Sox this weekend, beginning in a few hours. Sweet Caroline!

I nominate "Singles" - nah, just kidding.

"School of Rock" hasn't been mentioned yet. Not a great movie, but worth a nod in this category.

"Spinal Tap" gets my vote. The satire gives me another reason to not give a damn about rock musicians' political/social opinions.

Oh man. I kind of want to go with "Rock and Roll High School", because of that whole Joey Ramone thing I copped to in the punk nominations. But I can't honestly say it was better than either "Spinal Tap" or "Tommy".

Of those two, I have to go with "Tommy". Absolutely fantastic music. An incredible collection of rock legends. What other movie offers you cameos by Eric Clapton, Elton John, Tina Turner, Pete Townshend, John Entwhistle, and Keith Moon? Plus it stars a young Roger Daltrey. Who, let's face it, was amazingly hot.

Yes, a lot of my entertainment choices are influenced by my libido. Why do you ask?

Spinal Tap. No single movie could ever hope to capture the pros and cons of the genre like that one did. And it's hilarious to boot.

fiction: Spinal Tap
nonfiction: Stop Making Sense

24 Hour Party People - Absolutely incredible look at the "Manchester" scene.
Rude Boy - A wannabe roadie follows The Clash around.
The Last Waltz - If you hold your hand just right, you can almost ignore Robbie Robertson and enjoy the guys with the talent.

Still Crazy - How can you beat a band called Strange Fruit?
The Commitments - I'm getting a bit Anglocentric here. huh?
Tapeheads - Ok, so I'm the only one that liked this movie, so what?


This Is Spinal Tap
Rock and Roll High School
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I love the Footloose.

School of Rock is rad too.

Oh, man...

These are great nominees--wish I came up with them!

Hail Hail Rock & Roll
Blues Brothers
School of Rock

Still thinkin' my top two are Sid and Nancy and Spinal Tap.

i second the "Bad News Tour" movie. (this is The Young Ones as crazed, confused metallers). And "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains" is good, especially cos some of the guys from the Clash are in it. And so is Rock Star, especially "i've got to take a piss". Decline of Western Civ (part 1) and the original Suburbia also rank high.

Ok, I know it's not quite rock, but Purple Rain.

My nominations:
Domumentary: Song Remains the Same
Comedy: This is Spinal Tap
Musical/Drama: Tommy


Action: Streets of Fire

Come on people! It's subtitle is "A Rock & Roll Fable"

hard days night

The Kids are All Right
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

Streets of fire
Almost Famous

Holy shit, people, nobody nominated...


or 8 Mile

Definitely Tommy

I'll have to go with:

Light Of Day
Sid & Nancy
Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains
The Commitments
and maybe Almost Famous

but I've still never seen Rock & Roll High School - need to remedy that situation one of these days...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains" is a great flick. Love the music. I was able to find an mp3 of the song "Join the Professionals" from the film, which is in high rotation on my iPod.

No contest:

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

Ok, I admit I was joking

And I'll get blasted for this, but my 2 are:

The Wall - some really deep meanings there, and no, I wasn't trippin' to figure it out.

Yellow Submarine - just because I always loved the blue meanies. Maybe I should have been trippin' on this one.


American Graffiti

Heavy Metal

I know the last two aren't "rock" movies per se, but they used popular music of the time with various themes throughout the movie...

Absolutely Hard Day's Night, with Rock 'N' Roll High School as a close second.

Both are just fun, which is what rock 'n' roll is supposed to be, right? Hard Day's Night makes me laugh my ass off when I'm in a Marx Brothers kind of mood, and the Ramones are make the greatest superhero appearance in a non-superhero movie in Rock 'n' Roll High School.

Just- fun.

For those who haven't seen it, I'd also recommend trying to find the Canadian flick "Hard Core Logo," about a fictional punk band's reunion tour. It's flawed, but still a pretty great flick.

Wow...there are too damn many.

But mine are:

The Last Waltz
Heavy Metal
Streets of Fire
The Warriors

Blues Brothers, anyone ?

We're not students. We're Ramones.

8 Mile, School of Rock, Rock n Roll High School, American Pop

Spinal Tap with absolutely no doubt in my mind.

School of Rock was good but nothing compared to ST.

Gimme Shelter
For a real winner I would have to go with Spinal Tap.

1) Phantom of the Paradise
2) Still Crasy
3) Chariots of Fire
3) Streets of Fire
5) The Wall
6) The song remains the same

But with such a collection of movies mentioned here, just another opinion, of course.