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boobies [and andrew sullivan pitching for the other team]

Need I remind you about the boobie-thon? Yes? Well then here's your reminder (and the 'thon is featured in Wired today).

The official launch is tomorrow. And yes, I will be participating.

boobie-thon 2005

One more thing.

wells.jpg David Wells
sully.jpgAndrew Sullivan.

Hmmm? Is there something you're not telling us, Andrew?


Andy: "Ooh, you're quite the bear!"
Boomer: "Buy me a beer and I'm yours, twink."

That guy andrew sullivan has balloons on his homepage. What kind of man loves balloons?

At least Wells doesn't look like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I'll bet he's talking about cake.

that's GOBSMACKINGLY VILE, skillzy.

I'm willing to bet Andrew can cover first base on a bunt much better than Wells.

He's not telling us that he supports gay marriage.

Well, at least not this very minute.

I'll wait a minute.

Talking about boobies and a boob - all in one post!

get a picture of Bruce Willis w/ a goatee or a beard and you'll have the hattrick.

it all means nothing... Wells has been pitching great.... down with the evil empire!

Isn't that Rob Reiner?

A pair of boobs, and ugly ones at that.

Yeah for helping out! I submitted a couple of pics as well as helping with donations.

Thanks for helping the cause.