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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Punk-Off Poll

[poll closed/removed, click on "hall of fame" link for winner]

I'm going to repeat what I said before: There will be eleventybillion categories. Your favorite band will probably get in under one of them even if they don't get in now. I'm also taking the "best" qualifier off the awards so we can revisit categories again. After all, there are a LOT of good bands in each category, especially this one. But only one in bands that sing about monsters and whose name rhymes with isfits.


Okay! I get the hint! ;)

Yeah, but there's no band who's name rhymes with Ramones.

By the way, this ain't democracy...its mosh.

Hey! Ho! Lets Go!

Had to go with The Clash over The Ramones. by about >

Sex Pistols testimonial from my daughter:

The Sex Pistols were the epitome of punk. They burst on the scene and terrified the world immediately. They put out one great angry album and then self destructed as fast as they arrived. The world has not been the same since. That's as punk as it gets.

I had to vote for not my favorite band on the list, but, since we're doing punk, what I think is the most punk band on the list: Sex Pistols. Some of the other bands did better music, but those guys were the ultimate punk band, the band that every other punk band wishes it could be. The fact that alot of their music wasn't even particularly "good" is key, I'd say. How many of those bands have had an album banned? How many have had deaths under mysterious circumstances? The Pistols personified punk lifestyle, and still do, years after their brief career died.

And what of "X"?

That was those losers from L.A. with the chick singer...Cervix Exacto, right?

Line 'em up next to Green Day.

Given that this ex-british colony of mine actually had God Save The Queen as its national anthem up until 30 years ago, until we grew some coglioni and made up our own, its the Pistols all the way as they reflect my revulsion towards the british monarchy (that and we've just lost to the poms for the first time in 16 years in a cricket series).