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Caption, Please

An actor playing Chewbacca throws out the ceremonial first pitch prior to a game between the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays Fenway Park in Boston, Wednesday Sept. 28, 2005.

Oh please, someone make a Johnny Damon joke.

I am SO ready for this weekend. I'm about to break open a whole new bottle of ass whooping voodoo. Bring it, suckers.


Talk about being up against the "Empire" or the "Dark Side" huh? :) Life imitates blogs! :)

With Princess Plucky looking on, an unstoppable signal is delivered by the natural BrownCoat.


Chewie brings a whole new meaning to being a south-paw.

a true Wookiee would have put the ball into his crossbow and just fire the damn thing.

Jesus, I can see Andrew Sullivan's boner from up here in the cheap seats ...

Johnny Damon's mother and father are seen here throwing out the first pitch...

I think we need Chewbacca playing the bass!


Ballll Furrr!


Back to a previous point Michele was making, why have the sorta/chunky side-bun Leia on the field and not Metal Bikini Leia?

"Let's see how tough that carbonite is, bitch. HEY, SOLO!"

With the way The Sox have been playing the last few days, I'd be happy to see Chewie come in and pitch a couple middle relief innings...

Jason Giambi is inexplicably invited to throw out the first pitch at Fenway Park, perhaps to demonstrate to Boston's youth the long-term effects of steriod and HGH use.

Using is patented "hairball," Chewy beans his fourth Yankee in a row.

I suggest a new strategy: Let the Wookie Pitch

Don't know why, but....

Robin Williams throws out the first pitch as Nathan Lane looks on.

You can still get these cool shirts!

Jay? It's called "target="_blank"
Look iy up, you yutz.

Well you have to admit you would probably get more intelligent chat from the Wookie than from the average baseball player.