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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Hair Metal Finalists and a Question

It's kind of obvious who is going to win, but I feel the necessity to put it to a vote anyhow.

Also, I just want to remind you that when bands are inducted, they are not inducted specifically under the category that you voted them in on, they just get in under the "rock and roll" umbrella category. The categories are just my way of making it easier to pick bands one or two at a time then just making the voting process a chaotic free for all.

Now I notice that in the post asking for category suggestions, many of you suggested categories relating to songs or albums or specific people or events.

Would you like to see that kind of stuff inducted into the HoF? Things like best guitar riff, Betty Ford Memorial Trophy for Distinguished Achievement in Substance Abuse, best power ballad, best rock and roll movie, etc? The possibilities for this hall are endless. If you want to do that, I can go back and fix the previous trophies so they have categories on them. I guess we could just give Rush the People's Choice Award.

Suggestions, comments, ideas? Because I am running with this thing, as I was out of stuff to blog about besides Halloween anyhow.


If you're still taking suggestions, how about Best use of a Rock Song in a Movie.


Best Rock Song to Bump Uglies to...


I kinda like the idea of having categories. I guess that's more similar to the Grammies than the Hall of Fame, but I think it's a little more fun. More importantly, we don't risk having Weird Al or Poison lumped in the same class with Rush, Van Halen and Faith No More.

Best Rock Song by Female Group (defined by having majority of females, thus not eliminating Hole).

Best Suicide Rock Song.

Best Cruising In The Car Rock Song

Best Speeding In The Car Rock Song

Best Rock Song With Sport Highlights Clip (name the sport, athlete or event to have the song with).

Best Rock Song To Have Playing When Really Pissed Off.

Best Rock Song To Have Playing When Deliriously Happy.

Thats just off the top of my head... I might be back later, but by then more people would have posted.

Didja just put mine in there to make me feel not so bad? ;)

Can Motley Crue have a subtitle to their induction, namely, "Best Comeback from a Fatal Heroin Overdose"?

Whitesnake is not hair metal having started in '70s; however as they are listed as I voted for em'. Cause Whitesnake have more talent than the rest of em' put together.

Best comeback from death
Best rocker to go get hammered with
Ugly s.o.b. that still pulls da ladies
Best shagging song.