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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Double Entry! (and a new, hairy category)

I kept tallying and people kept adding comments, so we're just going to induct two this time around. That's the nice thing about having a "make up the rules as you go along" Hall of Fame.

acooper acdc

  • The first cassette I ever bought, on my own, with my own hard earned money, was "Dirty Deeds". Let's face it, they've got the biggest balls of them all!
  • AC/DC, clearly. The music is fun and loud and makes you smile. And Beavis wears the band's shirt.
  • It's not even a contest in my mind. [AC/DC] have been one of the greatest bands to listen to (and play along with) since day one. FIRE!!
  • Two words: "School's Out."
  • Alice changed the face of rock 'n' roll. Without Alice, we would not have had the New York Dolls, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Kiss would not look the same, Ozzy would not have been as outrageous.
    * AC/DC - ..they are the epitomy of rock and roll. Loud, balls to the wall rock. No pretty boys. No big hair. No gimmicks
  • Alice Cooper. The man turned tragic makeup and torn stockings into true Rock and Roll, without coming off all femmy.

More testimonial here. Congrats to both artists (who join Rush in the hall), neither of whom will ever know that this glory has been bestowed upon them.

And now, the nomination process for a new category begins:

Two words: Big. Hair. Or, as my friend Jon put it: Greatest Contribution to the American Salon Haircare Product Industry 1979-1985

Please add a sentence or two of testimony to your choice.


Cinderella. Giant dandelion-puffball hair. Hair so big that birds would get tangled in it.


Twisted Sister :) "We're Not Gonna Take It" was the anthem for young kids in the early 80's. Dee Snider hair :)


If we think about hair not on the head but on the face, we can't really go past ZZ Top. Even the surname of the guy without the beard was "Beard". Their more ardent supporters will know more of their blues offerings, but from a populist point of view, you couldn't go past "Legs" and (the much better song in my opinion) "Sharp Dressed Man".

(I'm also thinking of the hair of the teacher in the "Hot For Teacher" film clip, so we could probably give DLR a nod - he had plenty of hair of his own).

Uh oh, I'm a little torn here. Are you seeking the biggest and most flammable hair at the exclusion of musical considerations? --Or are you seeking the best band that also happens to have big hair?

Big Hair?
Jeez... Mark's right. Need parameters. I mean, you got Dee Snyder, then early Bon Jagoff, and damn near everything that came of the European continent in the Eighties.

Metalion. Okay, they're a local thing, but they rocked hard & had the biggest hair in St. Paul.
My sister was a fan. She was rooming with my brother at the time. At a Metalion bar show my sister removed her panties, wrote her name & number on them, and threw them on stage. A few weeks later my brother started getting obscene phone calls from the local prison (Stillwater, in MN). Turns out the Metalion drummer thought my sister's panties were so cute he hung them on his drum and they were stolen when they played for the lifers at Stillwater.
Metalion! Metalion!

Angel, Poison, Whitesnake, White Lion, Motley Crue, Ratt, Dokken, Winger...

AC/DC deserves to win this award as they have been far more consistent both live and on record than Alice Cooper. AC/DC have never released a bad album, quite a few that were decent and at least one classic.

I don't think AC/DC was ever really considered a hair band though. I think hair bands considered the image at least as important as the music, and I doubt Angus spent a lot of time on his hair before shows.

But as to the quality of the AC/DC catalog - I agree 110%.

The best hair band in terms of overall success has to be Motley Crue. The band that leaned on its hair for its success more than any other was probably Poison.

air supply was robbed, fools of miniscule phallic taste

Hair: Guns N' Roses.....early stuff...before Axl went all straight-haired and then tragically, braided.

Recall "You know where you are?.....You're in the JUNLGE BABY! You're gonna DIEEEEEE!"
Axl used lb's of hairspray than he weighed....

But, you'd be fools to not have Firehouse, Twisted Sister, Poison, and Motley Crue in the running.

I'd nominate Appetite-era G'n'R in the "Best Band that I Don't Want to Know What They Used For Hair Mousse" category.

Twisted Sister were never really hair band. They were there to mock the hair band stuff and they started before the trend.