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Caption, Please

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is arrested by United States Park police outside the White House on Monday, Sept. 26, 2005 in Washington

Have at it. I'll be back this evening with


"And then I go 'WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!'"

Um, just a little to the right .... a little higher .... oooooooohhhhhhh, that's it!

"You good, Bob?"

"Yeah, I found a good finger-hold. I won't drop her."

AP: White House police carry away Cindy Sheehan after the weight of her own bloated ego left her unable to walk, Monday.

Turn your head to the left and cough, please.

"So you can carry 'em like a six-pack when they refuse to obey the law!"

"I sense something; a presence I've not felt since..."

"I'd say six centimeters. Get the epidural ready."

He stuck in his thumb,
and pulled out a plum,
and said, "good God this thing is dry!"

Dammit,what a bad day to forget my friggin latex gloves. Where can I get a case of Lava soap for my right hand? Dammit!

The kid to the right is sooooo glad mommy made hin wear his gas mask today.

Phil Donahue,standing sadly in the back,wishes he had taken up police work,because then he could get a piece of that action.Dammit!

I've fallen and I can't get up

I thought the weight of my moral authority would make me immoveable.

Why do you keep calling me Dick? My name is Charl...oh GOD!!!

He's sick, he's obsce-e-e-ene!

I thought they only gave this kind of treatment to the Queen Mother.

I'm laughing too hard to come up with anything witty!


Let go of my baton, lady!

"Officer, I haven't had a hand down there since Joan Baez last night after the concert. Got any Boone's Farm?"

"He touched me where Casey came from"

First, they came for the panties, and I did not protest, because I was not wearing any...

"Bump me off the air for some goddamn storm, will you? We'll see about that!"

An activist in hand is worth two in the...*ahem*

Would you believe I was trying to guess her weight?

"Pull my finger."

Here's another:

"Sit and spin!"

Two wristwatches, a set of car keys, and from the shape of the hood ornament, a '78 Buick Regal.

Cowboy Blob:

Shit, man, I've got beer foaming out my nose after that one! Yours gets MY vote!

Cowboy Blob,that remonds me of a joke with the punchline,"Hell,if we could find my car keys,we could drive out of here"

Come see my latest post...your heart will soar!

Ewwww... let's not go there.

Fire in the hole!

Officer 1: Why did she just yell her last name?
Officer 2: Erm... I think that was "Shazam!"
Officer 3: Maybe she watches Family Guy

Shit! She is too heavy to go chuck in the river!

Look boys, it's that Eric Idle feller from that Monty Python bunch. Maybe he gots him some spam we could have fer lunch...hold on, lemme check.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

That wasn't a caption entry, just a statement of fact.

My favorite of all has to be Matt Drudge's: 'Cunning Stunt'.

Hey Bob! I found Hoffa!

"Now you see the violence inherent in the system!"

The best may be from Mama Moonbat's own mouth. My good friend John L. directed me to this post at Huffpo:

"When I got arrested and the officers lifted me out I was afraid that America would see my underwear and that tickled me."

No shit.

"Hey there what time is it?"


Police find 145 lbs. of crack!

Step away from that busted ass vehicle and put your hands on your ... oh...

never mind.

cop1: ah fuck man! my hand's stuck.
cop2: it will be alright brother... see? over there? we have a medic already on the scene. we'll have you unstuck in no time.