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food porn


More there.

I heart IHOP and their French Toast Festival.



Wow. Your IHOPs make food that actually looks edible. The ones here give you something that looks congealed -- even if it's a salad.

You've just helped me decide that I will not be eating a Healthy Choice microwave meal for dinner.

I'm a fan of the Big Country Breakfast, with country-fried steak, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and three pancakes. Mmmm, health food.

Well, it beats Pork Brains and Milk Gravy.
But seriously, OMG.

For the benefit of us Furriners, what is an IHOP? Just so we can stay away from them, should we ever come visiting. And so we can detect infiltration.

I can still remember that weird looking fast food joint with the candy-striped roof that opened in 1970 or so, with the inexplicable name "Kentucky Fried Chicken" on it.

Cane Toads and Rabbits came here in much the same way.

Zoe, IHOP is International House Of Pancakes and they serve obscenely large breakfasts.

I am using obscene as a compliment.

Thanks for the subtitles.

We have "The Pancake Parlour" here, which does rather smaller ones. But their Swiss Malts are to die for, their "IT", (a mixture of rum-soaked banana and walnut), the Jewish Blintz, Crepes Spanakopita, Eggs benedict, or even the old favourite, bacon bits, eggs, maple syrup, and hash browns... what they lack in size, they make up for in quality.

And you can always order two...



Waffle House is low rent!

IHOP is the only thing we have around here for breakfast. At least, within a 10-minute drive. Then, the wait is 45 minutes to an hour to get seated.

Bob Evans is a fifteen-minute drive, 45 minutes to be seated. Then again, if we're down that way, we might as well just go to Roy Roger's; it's only 5 more minutes down the road.

Nearest Waffle House and/or Cracker Barrel (they come in pairs around here) is at least a 45-minute drive, with another 30- to 40-minute wait when you get there.

Don't even know where the nearest Denny's is and we have no Perkins. No Magic Skillet. No nuthin'.

Anyone looking to open a breakfast food restaurant, you would have NO competition here in Sterling, VA.

oooh! Is that a funnel cake in the background?

Yep, that's a funnel cake with blueberry topping.

We had to wait 45 minutes for a seat yesterday, but it was worth it.

We usually don't go to places with that long a wait; if we go out to breakfast normally we head for one of the many diners around her. But sometimes you just need a huge IHOP breakfast.

Rob: Waffle House and Cracker Barrel may be paired in your neck of the woods, but they couldn't be further from each other in the spectrum of eating establishments.

I used to travel a lot on business to Jacksonville, Fl, and when I wanted to stretch the food per diem, I ate at WH.

Perkins does it for me. The wait staff knows what's about to happen every Sunday morning when Wife and I walk in the door..."the Gavone Olympics" is underway, and I'm gonna attempt to out-eat whoever's at table is next to me all by my lonesome, just to prove I still got game.

OMG, I hate you so much right now! STOP MAKING ME HUNGRY!!!

lmao I love IHOP.

We've got a wave of new IHOPs in Minnesota. The food is amazingly good.

The funnel cakes in that picture are raising my blood sugar by fifty points.