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Lady in White - A re-review

They re-issued Lady in White on DVD last week, so of course I bought it, being that I'm always telling people it's such a great movie.

We watched it tonight.

It sucks when something isn't nearly as good as you remember it. I guess it goes back to that whole nostalgia v. memory thing.

It's not that the movie as a whole is bad. It's just, well...the special effects are beyond cheesy, the dialogue is pedestrian, the directing is uneven and my god, the foreshadowing is like having the director smash you in the brain with a ten ton hammer that has advance plot points engraved on it.

I remembered it as a great movie. It was only mediocre. I keep thinking of all the things I would have done with it instead. It could have been awesome. Very frustrating to watch a movie you really want to love - a movie with a good plot and storyline - but the directing and writing keeps you from getting too attached to it. Like, you think you want to date it, take it home and make love to it, but after spending ten minutes with it you realize you'd rather be just friends.

And Lukas Haas has HUGE ears. I bet he can hear the gods whisper with those things.


This is what I wonder about the generations after ours, whose childhoods are on video. I have memories; they have data. Lots of my life has been not so easy or cheerful. I'm glad I have some childhood memories untouched by reality.

I read about that re-issue on IGN this past week, and added it to my netflix queue. I'm hoping that since I have never seen it, it will be decent for me since there are no illusions of grandeur in my head already.