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Engines pumping and thumping in time

Went to the classic car show in Point Lookout today, with the intention of seeing the Batmobile. We ended up staying a good hour or so, just walking around looking at the cars. I've never been much of a car buff, but I think I'll start going to more of these shows (they are EVERYWHERE on Long Island); when you look at cars as a works of art rather than just a machine that gets you from A to B, you see them in a totally different way. Automobiles also happen to be very photogenic.

I usually put all the thumbnails here, but that's too much work. Here's a sampling. If they interest you, click away. 37 photos in all (I shot 90), including the Mach 5, the Flintstone car and Dragula.



Cake reference, right?

Have you ever seen the video for that song? It is quite hilarious— a businessman just starts running, through the city, through the fields, through the woods, and along the way gets cheerleaders like a guy in a chicken suit...

(Of course, I damn near choked when I saw their video for "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" and recognized Safetyville, a 1/2 scale replica town that is used to teach Sacramento grade-schoolers about hazards...)

Well, I'm not much for cars, but I loves me the Cake.

I nearly wept when I saw the photo of the replica Mach 5...good gawd I used to love Speed Racer....