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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The "A" List

Now that Rush has been inducted, we need to give them some company. I haven't really figured out how I'm going to do this, so we're going to just wing it each time I'm looking for new nominees.

Today, we are going to do it by the letter. The letter A, in fact.

Name any band/artist starting with the letter A that you think you should be in the ASV RandR HoF, which is a by the people for the people HoF, unlike that other worthless hunk of junk in Cleveland (and please go by LAST name of artist, not FIRST).

Space is limited to one band AT THIS TIME. A band may be nominated under the A rule and not get in, but that's not to say they won't get in under the eleventybillion other categories I come up with. I'll gather the nominees and put it up to a vote, though the vote will count more for bands/artists whose nominators give testimony with their choices.

I just thought of four A's off the top of my head that are deserving. Get busy.




I nominate The Animals. "We gotta get out of this place" and "House of the rising sun" are RnR classics.

First runnerup-- Alice Cooper.

Oops! Is Alice Cooper a band name or an individual's name? If its the latter I'll wait until the C's to consider nominating AC.

I'm going with Ron Argent, rock from A-Z so to speak

oops,that would be Rod

OMG, I just realized who this will go to,this being Michele's site and all.
Air Supply of course.

Second that and make a privileged motion that the nominations be closed and Air Supply be elected by acclamation.

Air Supply is going to go in under the Guilty Pleasures category!

Aerosmith? Abba? Anthrax?

(Speculations, not nominations)


Allin, G. G. For tempting a tampon out on stage, among many other attrocities.

However, under due consideration, Air Supply, nay, the hair styles of Air Supply, have done far more to aid the cause of rock and roll attrocity that a dead copraphiliac.

Long may Australia's highest grossing act of the 80s play their peculiar brand of hair pock stadium sop

Agent Orange
A Perfect Circle
Paul Anka (C'mon, Micele! When he moves, he slices like a f**kin' hammer!)

If we're finished with the Air Supply silliness, lets move on to an "A" band that the HoF would never consider.

Realizing I only get one nomination and wanting to make it count, I've been through, and discarded Aztec Camera, The Alarm, Alice in Chains and Art of Noise. The Winner?

Adam Ant

Great songs, great videos, whether with The Ants or solo.

The Animals
The Allman Brothers Band
Ryan Adams (not Bryan Adams!!)

AC/DC was my choice, but someone beat me to the punch.

Also: Anti-Flag

(sans DC)

No AC/DC or Aerosmith they suck.

How 'bout Alice in Chains or Alkaline Trio?


Alice Cooper was the band name until about 1974 when Vincent Furnier (sp?) went solo and then legally changed his name to Alice. This was just before Welcome to My Nightmare was released.

I nominate Alice Cooper!!!

Great songs, the first "shock rocker," and he seems very under rated today. Many bands would not exist without him.


Am I going to get hit for that?

I second Asia. ;)


Alice in Chains

AC DC have a special place in my heart, so I nominate AC DC. There were my first band that I saw in concert. It was the For Those About to Rock tour and I saw them at Maple Leaf Gardens in Dec '81. I was twelve at the time and it knocked my socks off. I've been a big fan ever since.

It was also my introduction to 'funny' cigarettes tho I didn't know what was going on at the time. Guys beside me and my mate were smoking joints, I had no idea what they were smoking but it smelt different then cigaretts, we must have got high off the fumes because I remember feeling odd for the last part of the show and all we could do on the way home on subway was giggle. I still have the black torso/white arm shirt I bought for $12. Good times.

If it's Alice Cooper the band, then I guess they go into the "A" category, and they're on my list.

Alice Cooper! "I'm Eighteen" and "School's Out" are classics.


Billion Dollar Babies, Got You Under My Wheels, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Is it My Body, Elected.... I could go on for days just talking about the BAND's 1971-1974 albums:

Love it to Death, Killer, School's Out and BIllion Dollar Babies.

His early solo stuff wasn't bad either: Welcome to my Nightmare, Go to Hell, etc.

AC\DC can't see it being anyone else.
Mind you I watched Maximum Overdrive last night. That film must have the best soundtrack ever!!

Allman Brothers
Armoured Saint
Audioslave (They're new but they kick ass)

April Wine.

(they were known as 'Angel City' in the U.S.)

Gotta be Allman Brothers.

Air Supply silliness? Guards!!!!!

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Alice in Chains.

Although it wouldn't hurt my feelings to have Alice Cooper be the first A inducted.

Alice Cooper (the band -- and I'd be inclined to suggest Alice the guy when we get to the C's)

Aerosmith. They didn't always suck you know. Really, Asia? What's wrong with you people? :P

If Alice Cooper is being saved for C, then AC/DC.
If Alice Cooper is under A, then it's gotta be Alice. They broke a lot of ground and the early albums are awesome, every one a winner right up to Welcome To My Nightmare. I was listening to Muscle of Love a couple of months ago and was amazed at how great it is and how little it's dated. You gotta love lyrics like:
Holy muscle of love...
My heart's a muscle...

Speaking of Alice's often cunning wordplay, "Cold Ethyl" from Welcome to My Nightmare has some of the cleverest lyrics ever. Joe Average listens and hears a song about (gasp!) necrophilia. Those with a sense of humor realise it's all about...beer.


(just kidding.)



A Horse with No Name alone should be enough. Throw in Sister Golden Hair and they should be a lock.

ABBA, yes.

Asia? Are you mad? Must I come down there and throttle you?

(Sorry, John Cleese has taken over my speech)

Aerosmith. I wouldn't have survived my teens (hell, every broken heart I had afterward as well) without them.