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Weather is here

Intrepid ASV ahurricane reporter Dave in Texas, sends along this email and some photos:

Worked tonight at the Bell County Expo Center, and the municipal center where 350 evacuees are staying through the storm. They had all been on the road since yesterday, pulling into places like our town for meals and rest.
This group will stay here through the storm. The elderly gentleman raising his hat is Raymond. Raymond is from New Orleans, the lower ninth ward. He's been staying in Houston, however they moved him out due to Rita.

Raymond does not know where they are moving him. He is not sure when he will go home.

He asked me to say "thank you" to everyone who has helped him.

The family pictured is a man named Raul, his wife and two kids. They left their home in south Houston yesterday morning, and just made it here today (central Texas). They were given gasoline once by a guy in a truck in Giddings, and once by a truck from the Texas Dept. of Transportation. They had a decent dinner, and are ready for bed. They'll ride out the storm here in our convention center.

A little encouraging message on the back window of the school bus. Everyone looked like they'd had a long day.

The three kids in the last photo jumped up and said "take our picture"! So I did.

They'll be safe this weekend.

Thanks, Dave! But let's not tell Oliver Willis that there really are shelters and buses out of town, because that would just destroy his world view and leave him without another avenue to blame Republicans for everything.


Willis would be SoL anyway because Houston is run by Democrats. Galveston too I believe.

Cheers in Houston go to the Houston PD for keeping a lid on thugs like the asshat who fired an automatic at midnight down my street.

Jeers to the aforementioned thugs, to those who fled with one person per vehicle, to anyone in higher ground who decided to leave, and especially to the geniuses who didn't open both lanes to outbound traffic until, what, Thursday.

Doesn't sound like he is getting too much support from his echo chamber of commenters there either. All the comments on that post were like, "You're retarded, Oliver." Or maybe that is because you sent a bunch of people over there, Michele :)

Well, it is an inconvenient fact, but I'm sure O-Dub can overcome it. He's like, a 50-zillion watt electro-magnet to stupid. And Filets-O-Fish. Filet-O-Fishes. Whatever.

Looks like this could have been so much worse. The next risk is flooding - southeast Texas is full of rivers, and a lot of rain from these things typically causes that.

If I had to take a guess, O-Dub's just miffed that a Republican governor had the benefit of hindsight. And no, I'm not going to go over and verify my hunch.

Just woke up and started checking the Weather Channel. Things look to be mostly all right.

hey michele, I signed up for the dental plan at CCs Liquor Store yesterday.

we got a 401k?