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ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: First Inductee


By overwhelming choice, via the people. Testify:

  • Their 'Chronicles' album was one of the first my children, ages 17 to 21, stole from my collection. I think that says something about their talent.
  • the 2112 Overture left an impression on me
  • I think they rock, man
  • "Trees" pretty much says it all. It was a monumental piece of expression (even if it didn't get much airplay).
  • Jews rock.
  • They’ve beaten psoriasis, arthritis and hearing loss and still rocked out with their largest crowd ever just two years ago.
  • .... the move where the lights blinked off for a moment and when they came back up they had new guitars,not missing a beat.
  • I'm delighted to see them be the first inductees into the ASV R&R HoF, and the snooty "rock critic" crowd can suck on that like a sour persimmon.
  • The first rock band where the drummer could be considered a musician
  • I love Rush because they are the antithesis of the Def Leppard "how many times can we make Pyromania before people notice" syndrome

And there you have it.

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Should I do genres? Years? Just hold it up to a vote? Go with a choice of my own? Who should the next inductee be?


If you're looking for a twist, a Rock Alphabet Hall of Fame ... one entry per letter. For example:

A ... Aerosmith / A Flock of Seagulls
B ... Blondie / Big Country / Bad Company
C ... Captain Beefheart /
D ... Dokken /
E ... ELO / Emerson Lake and Palmer


X ... X
Y ... Yes
Z ... ZZ Top


I'd go with Rush over the Rolling Stones. I kind of like 'Emotional Rescue', it's Under cover of the Night that I can't stand.

Ohh this is a GREAT idea, Bumper. I just might fly with this.

and here I felt like I was a outcast owning all their albums. It is a source of great amusement to my friends. They even tease that I will probably have one of their songs played at my upcoming wedding.

Actually, they are right, I'm just not sure which song.. not a lot of love songs in their catalog. suggestions? And, no, it isn't a traditional wedding, more like a concert as there are lots of musicians in our families. For example, the recessional will be Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" so everyone dances out of the church instead of walking out somberly.

'Time Stand Still" from "Hold Your Fire" 1987. And congradulations!

I think you should just go geographically and make it a world tour. If you head a bit south to Minneapolis, you can induct The Replacements.

You could also go with "Ghost of a Chance" from Roll the Bones. Congrats, BTW.

Michele, just wondering if you caught their 30 year tour at the beach. GREAT show, as always.

As far as a wedding song, do NOT choose Speed of Love. As a matter of fact, let's pretend that doesn't exist. Depending on how you interpret the lyrics, Ghost of a Chance may be appropriate.

Didn't even consider Time Stand Still; at the time, it reminded me of a different summer, one where I wasn't dating my wife yet. It's more of a reminiscing song for me.

My wife chose Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. I just kind of smiled and nodded when she suggested it.

The lead-off single on their last album of original material, Vapor Trails, was called "One Little Victory". Sounds suspiciously similar to A Small Victory.

I smell a conspiracy... Michele are you really Geddy Lee doing a little undercover self-promotion?

Just pretend you're Paul Shaffer and do your own thing, babe.

Van Halen should be the next inductee. I think they should have been first, but I can't argue too much with RUSH making the cut.


for the wedding, there's always the instrumentals.... "Where's My Thing?" may be a good tounge-n-cheek choice.

Thats pretty cool. I wasn;t aware that rush had been inducted.


When Alex Lifeson had a court appearance in Naples, Florida (for resisting arrest), I stood outside with a poster that said "Free King Lurxst."

I wouldn't do that for just anybody.

('course, I spelled "Lerxst" right on the poster ...)

Michele, this is SO FUCKING AWESOME. I shall now play Entre Nous and rock out with my cock out.

But with my cock in because I'm at work where cocks out are frowned upon.

I just hope that if you do the alphabet thing, there's room for more than one "R".

Excellent choice, I purchased all of their albums at an early age.

Well you could treat this like a "real" academy treats this - that is, have "people" based votes (us) and nominations from the ASV Acedemy Of The Arts (you). Either way, all good.

Rush song for a wedding? I've always said if I were in that situation it'd be "Presto". (the title track, not the whole album). There are few lyrics more poetic than "I am made from the dust of the stars / and the oceans flow in my veins".

Geddy Lee is not human. He is like, some hyperintelligent alien from the planet Playtex. With 10 brains in his fingertips.