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did someone say boobies?

boobie-thon 2005

Yes, I did.

It's the Fourth Annual Boobie-thon, where we show our stuff off to benefit charity. This year there are two causes; as always, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, in addition tothe American Red Cross.

The Boobie-thon has raised over $17,000 for breast cancer awareness.

The 'thon begins in earnest on October 1st, but you can get your boob shots in early, if you want. The rules and all other FAQs are right here. You can see examples/previous submissions here(NSFW). And here are all the boobies (again, NSFW - and the main page of the 'thon always remains SFW).

It's a great cause (a double cause, this year!), so open your wallets and/or your shirts.

Update: all fixed now, that was a strange Moveable Type/Firefox issue this morning, I think.


I knew there was a reason I got out of bed this morning. God bless all boobies great and small.

Mmmmm... boobies....

Michele, you have a few blank tags in this post (). PLZ FIX, READERS NEED 800b135 NOW KTHXBYE.

Aha, you can't see what's in the parentheses, because it's html, ha-HA! It sez [a href="http://www.boobiethon.com/allphotos.html"][/a], only with angle brackets.

Hooray for boobies!

Holy Christ in a Peepshow, the front page was NOT work-safe in the least. A strange interstitial porn ad popped up. Big titties, slutty expressions, blurred cock slipping into blurred cooch.

I assume that it didn't come from your site but rather from some adware infestation on my machine. Is this a correct assumption?

The issue has been fixed Keith, with a notice on the main page. Seems our Nedstat Basic tracker was a little vulnerable and they were pulling in external images/code for us. We nuked 'em. The main page is designed to always be SFW.


I am an asshole. I have nothing better to do with my time than leave nasty comments on blogs.

My IP address is I'm sure someone out there will track me down just to tell me how sexy and cool I am because I can say nasty things on the internets.