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The ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

That's it. I wasted too much of the past few days arguing about the Hall of Fame ballots and discussing the shame that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Who died and left them HoF boss, anyhow? How does one go about becoming the "official" RandR HoF? Just because some guy with a lot of money says so doesn't make it so.

So - and you know what's coming next - I'm starting the ASV Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There will be no ridiculous exhibits or long lines or televised ceremonies with Bono hugging people. And best of all, YOU get to decide who is in this particular Hall of Fame.

I'm not even going to get into categories or years yet. I just want you to nominate your picks for the Hall of Fame. I have no criteria for this hall; your band doesn't have to be in existence any certain amount of time (hell it could even be a fake band, like Spinal Tap). All I ask is that you give at least one sentence of explanation for your nomination, even if it's to say "because Innagaddadavida rocked, man." Everyone has a chance in my hall. And people like Van Halen and Black Sabbath do NOT get locked out.

Make your nominations now.


Rush. There are many reasons, but I think the best is their resiliency in the face of tragedy.

Ramones (of course). Um...because there the Ramones ferchrissake! Plus, I still feel like a kid whenever I hear them.

Violent Femmes and Drivin n Cryin...same reason as above...If Blister in the Sun or Straight to Hell comes on the Radio, I am going to stop scanning and sing at the top of my lungs like I did when I was in college.

Alice Cooper, the original shock rocker. I saw him last weekend, and he made me feel 14 again. He's still got it!

Shawn beat me to it.


For no other reason than they've been completely ignored by the current HoF, an organization that will someday welcome Justin Timberlake into it's hallowed halls.

That, and...THEY RULE!

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, man. Dude is smart. Plus his music makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Al Stewart: Yeah, I know. He did "Year of the Cat", and a few other pop-happy pieces. A guy's gotta live, you know, and his good stuff didn't pull in the money.

If I'd had a chance to submit a comment, his "Roads to Moscow" would have been on the list of songs I wish I'd written. "On the Border", "Lord Grenville", "In Red Square", "A Man for All Seasons" ... his music pulls on a vast historical reference that goes untapped by most current artists.

I first remember listening to Stewart in college, more years ago than I am about to admit to. I made the belated and startling discovery that songs could actually have intelligent, researched lyrics and still let you get caught up in them. I strongly suspect my choice will be unpopular, but I'd still like to see him get some recognition for that.

If I had a second choice to nominate, it would go to the Strawbs, but I know better than to push my luck.

Yo, Megan! I know Ted (though I've been out of touch with him for a year or so), and you are way right about nominating him too.

Sonic Youth... Over a number of years they have proven themselves to be great and original musicians..

I just know you're going to induct the Eagles first.

Seriously, though, I second the Violent Femmes nomination, and add Faith No More and Smashing Pumpkins.

Sorry -

Violent Femmes for Blister in the Sun

FNM for sheer volume of quality metal.

Smashing Pumpkins for taking the grunge trend in a new direction.

Rush: concur.

King Crimson. Much of what progressive music was and is can be traced to the Crimson King. After 36 years, Fripp and company and the progeny they effected are still out there pushing the envelope.

The Melvins. Because they are the Melvins. Another band that stayed out of the limelight for the most part but affected so many with their influence--arguably a large swath of grunge owes their lineage to the Melvins...Cobain was briefly their roadie fer chrissakes!

RUSH - ditto. (Had to say it!)

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Montreal Olympic Stadium with orchestra; rotating piano at California Jam; first major live use of keyboard and drum synthesizers; Palmer's stainless steel kit.

Johnny Cash.

Husker Du & the Pixies: they invented the sound that made Nirvana famous.

Velvet Underground.

I've got to second the brilliant guy above who suggested Alice Cooper!

Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Got You Under My Wheels, Is it My Body?, School's Out, I'm Eighteen, Cold Ethyl, Only Women Bleed, I Love the Dead, Sick Things....

Husker Du - For being a punk band with a guy who could actually sing.

The Replacements - Anyone with the courage and talent ot pull off Kiss Me on the Bus deserves a spot.

The Tragically Hip - With apologies to Rush (who I also love), the Hip are the best band ever to come out of Canada.

My Bloody Valentine - Just cuz.

Triumph - Rik Emmett is awesome on the 12-string and they have a fantastic sound and uplifting lyrics.

Cheap Trick
for "Surrender" and so much more
Todd Rundgren" of course,"Couldn't I Just Tell You" live is a masterpiece,
Grand Funk Railroad " Bad TIme to Be in Love"is my personal fave
Just three of of the top of my head

Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band and Captain Beefheart.

Rush - best three musicians in one band ever.

30 years strong and still have yet to sell out.

Cream - best three musicians in one band ever.
Went strong for a couple of years and then sort of fell apart but never sold out.

Yes, Joseph. Thank you for correcting that.

By the way, has anyone suggested ALICE COOPER yet?

I didn't have time to read the above, but I need to put these in...

Metallica, for bringing metal to the mainstream.

Megadeth for being better than Metallica.

Rollins Band for just being Rollins Band.

Black 47 for bringing contemporary Celtic Rock.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - for Sweet Home Alabama and Gimme Three Steps and Simple Man and Tuesday's Gone and That Smell and Satuday Night Special and What's Your Name and I Aint The One and I Know A Little and FREEBIRD and a guitar section that came at you like a tidal wave, a TIDAL WAVE, I tell you!

I nominate Agony Column. I know most people probably never heard of them but I nominate Agony Column anyway for songs like "God Guns and Guts" and "Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles"

(You can learn more about them here: http://www.bnrmetal.com/groups/agco.htm)

I'd also like to nominate Glenn Danzig. No explanation needed.

- Brian Eno -

for Roxy, solo work in pop and new age, collaborations, production work.

Led Zeppelin - One of the greatest rock bands ever with the greatest rock drummer ever.

Cream - Only Cream could take a very slow blues song like 'Crossroads' and turn it into a rock song that could blow the roof off a place.

Iron Maiden - They're a great band, but name another band that has a cooler mascot than Eddie. Hell, name another band that has a mascot!

Bon Jovi - You have to give credit to a band whose latest album sounds so much like their first one and every single one after that and still be able to sell millions of records.

Spinal Tap was not a fake band..look it up!

unkown greats:

cracks in the sidewalk (cracksinthesidewalk.com)

I hereby second the nomination for VU ... Lou Reed and co. were pure genius.

Pink Floyd ... Animals alone earn them the right.

ELP : Art Rock to the nth degree.

Alan Parsons Project: not really 'a band', but a concept that repeatedly worked.

Also add The Dickies (why not? who else ever covered The Banana Splits theme song?)

Don't forget that The Dickies also did (Im Stuck In a Pagoda With)Tritia Toyota, and Gigantor. I want them on my list,lame brain rock rules!

I second the Ramones- they are just classic.
Kiss- I'm just loving them these days.
Snoop- cuz he's the shiz
Pfunk- for being funky!
Mike Patton- he's just so incredibly talented in every way
Tommy Lee- cuz I have a weird thing going on for Tommy Lee

I second the Rush.
Alice Cooper, definitely - I mean, dude, he's Alice Cooper!
Black Sabbath - Because why in the hell aren't they already in?
Bonnie Raitt - just because I wish I could play slide guitar like that.
Joan Jett - Really, why not?

The Clash - still the only band that matters.
Talking Heads - because very few people can make a huge white suit look cool.

"Who else ever covered The Banana Splits theme song?" I believe Liz Phair did.

My top 4:
1) Sex Pistols--simply for Steve Jones saying "All I wanted to do was play guitar and have my cock sucked." OK, and embodying the rock 'n' roll flame-out motif so well.
2) The Clash--any band who can be so wrong politically and still live on just as strong 25 years later has to be OK.
3) Husker Du--three-part harmony punk with a beautiful wall of noise behind it.
4) The Replacements--Oscar Wilde set to music

There are at least a dozen pre-1960 people or groups, but I'll wait and see what others post.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - yeah, I know, there are LOTS of great guitarists, but Stevie Ray sticks out for me.

On the female side, I'll too give Bonnie Raitt a nomination.

Rush - They were able to transition into mainstream rock without losing the progressive tone of their music.

Pink Floyd - Well over a quarter of a billion albums sold worldwide...that and the fact that Dark Side of the Moon stood on the charts for over 700 weeks.

Allman Brothers Band - ahem...Live At Fillmore East.

The Kinks - They are the forefathers of British punk and hard rock.

There are so many to name...but I'll keep my submission to four...

Los Lobos - 30 years and still going strong.

Talking Heads - If the only thing they ever did was "Stop Making Sense" it would be enough.

They Might Be Giants - Fun for all ages

The Ramones - Live hard, Die Young...

"The Tragically Hip - With apologies to Rush (who I also love), the Hip are the best band ever to come out of Canada."

Anyone in close physical proximity to Matt may want to move quickly. There's a lightning bolt with his name on it. :)

Van freakin' Halen

All for reasons already stated. Just seconding or in some cases 7th'ing excellent nominations.

Crash Test Dummies. For being one of the most unique sounding acts around.

John Hiatt. For being one of the best singer/songwriters around.

Two off the top of my head.

Add me to the nods for The Replacements.
The best band that never was.
Then again, they would'nt care about being in a HOF anyway.

How about a bunch of bands that (almost) nobody ever heard of:

Renaissance (Best singer ever)
The New Barbarians (How can a band which featured Stanley Clarke & Keith Richard have no entry in AllMusic.com?)
UK (first and only lead violin)
The Pogues (Irish lefties)
Triumvirat (German ELP)
Steeleye Span (Another great female voice)
Gentle Giant (Impenetrable art-rock)

And I'll second the vote for the Strawbs--Hero & Heroine is one of my ten favorite rock albums ever.

Talking Heads and Radiohead.

Great innovators and brought about changes about the way that people thought about their music. For me personally, the greatest.

If we're able to nominate bands most have never heard of, I'm going with Trip Shakespeare.

If anyone is curious about the best Minneapolis band since The Replacements, I'd be happy to share a sample.

I was going to say Rush, but they're definitely covered, so instead (drumroll please, Anton):

DASH RIP ROCK. The greatest bar band, EVER.

Mich, you KNOW I'm no authority on these matters. But...

BOC, because there is Don't Fear the Reaper.

Oh yes.

I couldn't help but notice no one has nominated The Beatles. That's strange. I guess everyone assumes that they are automatically in!

Man, this is a hip crowd. Husker Du and the Replacements BOTH already nominated more than once!

But I'll go you one better: Paul Westerberg and Bob Mould, because they were basically the brains and the musical brawn behind those two "seminal" bands, plus Mould had another great band - Sugar.

In other nominations:
Johnny Cash - because he's Johnny Cash, dammit.

Bauhaus - for Bela Lugosi's Dead

The Dead Kennedys - Because they told us this would happen (cough - MTV get off the air - cough)

Dave Grohl - Because he maintained his relevance after that troubled young rock god (what was his name?) offed himself, and because he gave a nod to the "minneapolis sound" when discussing the influences that played for that "other" band he was in.

Greg Griffith is a Dick.

YES is the best

Bobby Fuller 4
Leslie West
NY Dolls
Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders' edition)
Bad Brains

The few. The proud. The balls to the wall.

Yes to Rennaissance, Annie H is very good!
and I add "The Runaways" because,well,I'm a guy. 'nuff said there.

Rush, of course.

Then, Alice in Chains. Because they could kick Pearl Jam's ass.

Also a seconding of Glenn Danzig. Because he could kick Shake's ass.

And lastly, The Cars. Candy-O, hello?

and ALICE COOPER, of course!!

How about the original English chick folkie band, Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny. Matty Groves still gets my complete attention. Sandy Denny had also played for The Strawbs before they recorded their biggest hit, Part of the Union. Plus I'm putting a reference to Spirit, completely ignored today, but on the radio a lot in the 60s.

BoDeans for "Good Things" and "Still the Night" and for being and remaining everything that Springsteen once was but now only pretends to be...badly I might add.

Most have been nominated, so I won't bore you with the reason on those...

The Ramones
The Clash
The Sex Pistols
The Replacements
They Might Be Giants
The Connells (Great 80's guitar pop. HUGELY underrated)
The dB's (Where do you think REM got their sound?
dryvin' and cryin'
Elvis Costello
Nick Lowe (For Labour of Lust)
Midnight Oil (Peter garrett may have stupid politics, but their first 4 albums are killer)
Talking Heads
Husker Du
Paul Westerberg (solo)
Bob Mould (solo)
Hoodoo Gurus (The best Aussie power pop band EVER. They get in for one of the best album titles ever: "Mars Needs Guitars!"
Bruce Springsteen
The Pogues

The delegate from West Haven would like to nominate Joe Satriani, for picking up the guitar on the day Jimi Hendrix died, and for creating instrumental guitar rock that's so good, even radio stations liked it, and for creating a discography as diverse and as tasty as could be hoped for. Blues, metal, electronica, stripped-down rock 'n roll, it all kicks ass.

Zarba, if you'd lose the jerk from Jersey that list would be gold.

Bon Jovi - You have to give credit to a band whose latest album sounds so much like their first one and every single one after that and still be able to sell millions of records.

Bon Jovi (or any other band) should not be in the ASV hall of fame simply based on record sales. The fact that every album sounds the same just means they have only one string to their bow. And that string is rather lame. I think.

Alice In Chains - no band epitomized the Grunge sound while still proving to be talented, successful musicians (all 4 of them). They were able to rock like crazy and still make a CD like Jar of Flies without being too sappy (no pun intended). And yes, they could kick Pearl Jam's ass.
In a fight between AIC and Soundgarden, it would be a draw. But everyone would consider AIC the winner becasue Kim Thayll is so damn ugly.

wha, nobody mentioned AC/DC? angus young makes headbanging (literally) an art form.

how about... Kenny Loggins? sure, you may laugh, but you gotta admit, he gave us a lot of theme songs that we all know by heart. if nothing else, put him in for "I'm Alright."

The Yardbirds because any band that could lay claim to Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page is surely blessed by the gods and worthy of a place in the ASVR'n'RHOF.

I'm limiting this to bands/artists that have been wrongly excluded from that joke in Cleveland. Off the top of my head...

The Ramones - I can't even imagine how far someone's head would have to be up their ass to try to keep this band out of any HOF that relates to R&R.

The Replacements - see above

Wanda Jackson - Anyone who knows anything about the history of R&R knows there is no justification for the exclusion of this incendiary woman from the HOF

Go-Go's - They were playing traditional R&R and selling it to the masses when very few others - much less girls were doing it. They made me believe that it was possible for there to be new music that I actually liked.

Joan Jett - She's one of the best good-will ambassadors R&R has ever had.

I would also like to see a way for a R&RHOF to recognize an extraordinary band like The Groovie Ghoulies, who have been criss-crossing America, Europe and various other parts of the world for two decades now, bringing the sheer joy that R&R can have at its best to their devoted fans. But when even a band as great as The Ramones gets dissed, it's hard to hold out any hope for recognition of deserving but less well-known bands...

Blondie. Rapture. 'nuff said.

I hereby nominate the made-up death-metal band me and my friends created in high school - BLACK VIRGIN!!

We had 15 albums worth of song titles, but none of us could play any instruments, or write lyrics or music.

So BLACK VIRGIN was born, shot up the charts, got egotistical and pretentious, and disintegrated all in the course of our imaginations.

But the cover art for BLACK VIRGIN's debut album RIGOR MORTIS A LA MODE is worthy in and of itself for entry into any Hall of Fame.

Black Virgin all the way, man! Small White Dog was an awesome album!

While I love RUSH, and Metallica, and Henry Rollins is an awesome dude, nobody does screaming death metal like Black Virgin. Or tender, hairband-esqe love ballads, (about death and torture, of course), for that matter.

Black Virgin Rules!

Amphioxus, you are so my new best friend.

I'd also like to nominate Ryan Adams for the special "Headed for a Trainwreck" wall in the hall of fame. He's an awesome kid, but I think he's going to implode soon.

Iron Maiden

I like bands that are eclectic and have a sense of humor, My picks are:

Ween : So unappreciated. They do everything, classic rock, funk, country. For goodness sakes, "The Mollusk" was a "Dark Side of the Moon" caliber album with a folk song theme, and a Pirate-like ending. This was the best album of the 90's, but you may prefer "Chocalate and Cheese".

They Might Be Giants Other people have mentioned them and I agree wholeheartedly.

Parliment/Funkadelic Go see a Pfunk Allstars show while George Clinton is still around. It isn't all about GC by the way, he is the producer and plays a fairly minor role in the performances.

Little Feat They were/are great performers, lots of rockin funny songs. I wish Lowell George was still alive.

The Kinks were also funny and all over the map:
"Sunny Afternoon", "Lola", "Destroyer", "Misfits", "You Really Got Me"

My favorites are "Celluloid Heroes" and "If My Friends Could See Me Now" from the "Everybody's In Showbiz" album.

Also, Alice Cooper and Jo Jo Gunne.

I cannot believe that AC/DC has only been mentioned like once so far???? Are you kidding me! Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Whole lotta Rosie, Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution, Dirty Deeds, Big Balls, Shook Me All Night Long, TNT, Have a Drink on Me, It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll--bagpipe solo people, Problem Child, Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, For Those About to Rock, Thunderstruck, etc.

Of course Zep. 'nuf said.

How 'bout Thin Lizzy? Phil Lynott had some pretty good songwriting skills and the dual guitar attack is still a signature sound...if you like these guys check out a new group called "Diamond Nights", they're kind of a cross between Lizzy and The Darkness. Good stuff.

Robin Trower - He was the white Hendrix, that's all there is to it.

The Go-Go's i think are long overdue.
Think what you want about them, but you have to admit that without them the concept of women playing their instruments and/or writing their own material would still be considered a novelty. They opened the door for half the world's population and for that they should be at LEAST nominated.